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What is your favorite programming language and why?


Anything but Go. Go was created for stupid people. From one of the creators of Go:
Just kidding!
Forth. Relevant pasta:
>Sometimes as Forther you feel like a Jedi night. People think about
>Forth as an ancient religion, with it's followers doing things like
>standing on one hand and lifting stones with the force of their minds.
>And well, The Emperor doesn't like Forth.
Just kidding again!
A language is a tool. You should pick the best tool for the job you want to accomplish
...that being said I'm most efficient in python for most tasks I do, but the languages that really fascinate me are the ones that allow you to extend their syntax (like forths and lisps).


For pleasure it's C.
>super cross platform
>everything is built on top, so you can build anything with it if you have time for that.
>fun allowed, you can mess with raw pointers, enjoy bare metal even write inline asm.
>Fast af.
>Build system is kinda crap though.
For everyday purposes it's JS or PHP.
>You can get started in seconds.
>Works great for hacking stuff together
>Everyone knows JS
>Runs on every server.
>Tons of packages
>You can use any programming paradigm you want with js.

This might be biased though as I work with wordpress.

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