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I built an machine learning ai with php-ml to classify new threads as 'good' or 'bad' using their text.

Thoughts on how to improove it?


We will defeat Reddit with advanced Artificial Intelligence...

☐ I'm not a robot

Oh shit they got me again ;_;


Can this bot make posts too?




Create an ai that makes good threads



CD, if you me tell you think it's an advertisement for the ocean


> Create an ai that makes good threads


It's.......it's.....IT'S PERFECT

You rolled the number 449054204 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


You tell how do you feel nothing really have legit no friends


>you feel nothing
>have legit no friends
hey hey hey, now you're getting too good, back off buddy



Just kiling any good as there it was low on 22chan, raids are on playing




[spoiler]Happy 0th birthday to Steve[/spoiler]


Happy birthday, Steve!


Is code online twoot? Have you posted this on Github? If yes, can you link the repo? I'm interested in NLP.


Its not public but im thinking about making it public


Actually nevermind, i forgot that i stopped using it because it was inacurate as shit.

But i've made steves code public, if you're interested: https://gitlab.com/milan44/steve


Why not Github?


I prefer gitlab. I just like their UI more than the one by github.

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