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How do you anons think the universe was created?
Do you think it was made by some higher power? Maybe a scientific phenomenon, or perhaps it was just always there.
All thoughts and beliefs are welcome, religion, scientific research or just personal beliefs, they're all just as valid to the question. After the universe was created, how did all the atoms and matter get there? What caused all of this matter to just appear? Excited to hear your thoughts.


[spoiler]another phantom bump. I will appease these spirits with a reply[/spoiler]
There's two big reasons imo why things happen, two different sorts of causes: weak but constant forces, and strong yet sudden ones. Different people have different opinions on which is more shaping. The idea that history is more shaped by the unforeseeable catastrophes is called the Black Swan hypothesis.
Depending on which kind of force is more shaping, I see two possibilities: the universe has always existed and always will, or it was created in a black swan event. The Big Bang theory cheeses these together by saying that time is expanding and accelerating alongside space, so if you were to go back in time to the big bang time would get denser and denser and you'd never reach a single instant of genesis. It's a sort of four-dimensional fractal.
If there is a black swan event responsible for the creation of this fractal, however, I think it would have to be higher-dimensional collisions. Think about the surface of a lake as a two-dimensional abstract plane. It ripples as forces move around it, but never tears. If something lived entirely within the two dimensions of the surface it would never have any idea the laws of its universe were determined by swimming fish or gusts of wind. That's us. Something is swimming around or blowing around, ruffling up a surface, and the result is our universe.
You know what, fuck it, believing in a supreme creator requires fewer assumptions.


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First you need to invent an apple pie.


The universe doesn't exist we're all just hallucinating inside a dark empty void.


yes yess heil v o i d praise v o i d
v o i d is the beginning and ending
v o i d is eternal


We are hallucinating and we are hallucinations at the same time.



Parmenides already discovered that movement is impossible.



I think this universe is just some allocated space with the purpose of creating infinite more concepts.

Some realm beyond this universe is constantly creating and puts its essence into everything it creates, which makes 'god' us and everything we can possibly see, feel, taste, think of.

Our purpose is information. All food that we eat is different than the one we ate before, and all of them have a different reaction within our body. Our flexible DNA code is constantly changing and so is the environment.

Every time that we do something we produce something new. Even when not doing something we create new things in this space.. why are we not doing something? What has lead us to not do something. What motivates us to do something? Where does that come from? What does that thing consist of and how do the smaller parts work together?

The entire universe and all realms beyond exist for the search of absolute knowledge. Till now that has been unlimited so we continue to live and breath.

They say God knows everything from past to future? That's because he can't know more THAN IS.

That's why we're all useful and despite the pain and suffering of this life. We will continue to do so until the end of time, when all knowledge has been discovered and it starts again


Would be funny if we where just some experiment made by aliens. The whole nebula or galaxy cluster that we live in being some type of ant farm to beings or a being that we can't comprehend just watching us all.


I'm more interested in what occurred before the creation of the universe. What was the universe like? an empty void?


wonder if there was people before the creation of this universe...

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