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Recommend me a good antivirus program that will protect my PC from viruses and cyberjews


try linux


Common sense


if it's free, it's bad.


If it's a big name viruses will be built it in mind.


I monthly subscription to common sense, a version of windows(or linux, it's pretty viable nowadays) and no playing "you won't last 5 minutes" games.


But the ad said that i'll cum so hard that it will make me go into a coma, you know I have to play that stuff dude


back in the old days, I used to use Avast, as it was considered the best of the free ones. Nowadays, I hear Avast is basically malware itself, so I wouldn't recommend using it. If you are using Windows 10, the one built in is probably good enough for everyday use. The main way you would get infected would be installing/running shady software. Don't download cracked/pirated software is the best way to avoid malware. Also, use an blockader. Drive-by malware ads are the main other way that malware spreads these days, and that is incredibly easy to defeat.

If you don't think the built in Windows anti-virus is good enough, you can try uploading downloads to virustotal.
It scans the upload across dozens of different anti-viruses.

Also this.


try kaspersky it's free


>Don't download cracked/pirated software is the best way to avoid malware
You can as long as from you get them from the right places

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