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Youtube has finaly removed the old stule.
Frigin' bullshit, in my opinion.


Youtube is slowly going downhill, i kinda miss the video reply feature that they had for a trial run. it would have solved the "reaction video" problem.


This is what got me to only interact with youtube via mpv / youtube-dl, newsboat, and invidious.


Is it just me or did youtube find a work-around for ad blockers?


I've been seeing alot of ads even through i have ublock enabled.


That might explain why YouTube has been shitting the bed for me in Firefox recently


No, I finally realized what was going on
>disable uBlockOrigin, comments are back but so are ads
>enable it, both are gone.
What has even happened now?


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stule? what do you mean?


style, or the old favicon i think


You stule my heart, anon

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