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So discord is taking IRC place for a lot of communities including 22chan, what do you think about it? Have you made the jump yourself yet?
For me I find it annoying that people with no knowledge of /t/ are more and more using Discord, it became the norm to have a discord account. I think it can evolve to the point of including business meetings and the such and this made it almost a normie thing.


Made the jump, regretted it. Anonymity is truly the greatest thing the internet can offer you. At least with IRC you can be confident that (((they))) won't step in and censor you.


Discord is what made me friends with namefags that I've come to love or see as an older brother or as a lovable person. But it has me known of others that can be a possible threat to 22chan. It's a double-edge sword.


im a threat, anon?


Not a fan of discord. I like using livechan


I think the shift from IRC to Discord is the biggest example of the direction the internet is heading.
IRC is merely a protocol therefor you can run *your* own servers and use any client you want. IRC provides much more freedom in these ways.
Discord is centralized. "They" run all the servers. "They" control how you use "their" product. But people don't care because "Wow, it's so easy to use" and "OMG muh modern design. Flat colors are sooo pwetty!" (Even though there are many IRC clients with a modern interface).


we should make our own irc or something?


Someone talked about the fact that discord is spyware and wrote a full exposé, but it got deleted.
On imageboards, irc is loved, and vital, but it requires a large userbase, and attention. Even 4chans irc died.


But at the same time,
The irc cant distract people from going to 22chan
What would happen to livechan?
Why do you guys go to discord anyway?
Bibanon does have a large amount of info about irc, wonder if anything could be used from that.


>wrote a full exposé, but it got deleted.
ON LIVECHAN. Sorry, forgot to add that bit of info.
I wonder what happened to that anon anyway? I think ((they)) killed him
Better watch out lol


Discord is advertised as "chat for gamers", as long as it does this it will not be used in business environments.
I made a thread segusting a 22chan IRC channel in the past but I assume tw00t is too much of a zo*mer to "make the jump" to IRC.
If anything Discord is distracting people from 22chan with its file uploading features


it's not about censorship as it's about anonymity, I mean you can't find true freedom on the internet anywhere anymore as every place has it's own rules that you have to follow, maybe it was possible to before 13 years but not now.
this is a great example for what I want to talk about in this thread, in discord you interact with real people with names, they are not anons anymore, and when they come here and namefag in every thread this just makes things worse.
so no>>232 you are not a threat but namefagging is, we had this conversation a long time ago and we established that namefags are harmful to any imageboard when they do it in multiple threads.
>Discord is advertised as "chat for gamers", as long as it does this it will not be used in business environments.
it's advertised as such but look at who is using it now: software developers, any site with a community including hentai sites, heck even some anime release groups have made the jump. So yeah they can make a fork for enterprise that is paid and come with more features or is more "secure" and believe me it's gonna succeed in business.
there was an anon that kept spamming that discord is killing 22chan without stating why just like a retard, he was banned in the end, but he did speak the truth, discord is killing 22chan because it fundamentally works just like social media is, you have a profile with a name and with channels that reflect your interests, it's exactly the opposite of Anonymous.
I hope that twoot will see this and finally get why he should remove discord from our 22chan.
And as a finale I kindly ask you lolico and RoboManiac to stop namefagging across the board.


The question i have is, what is the exact useage for discord here?(personally, im not a fan of the "missing content" that should have been made here.) Lets say we remove it, and replace it with irc, will it properly fill the void that was discord?
Perhaps discord is for trusted users, to have slightly more private conversations.
How would this irc client work? Do the programmers here build it, would we have to install it on our computers seprately, or would it be on 22chan itself?
Would mods give access to only trusted anons?
So, lets say everything goes well with irc. What will happen to livechan? I mean, i'm the only one who goes there daily, its like no one knows it exists. I mean, if we find somthing better like the irc deal, im fine if we get rid of it.
The irc cant take anything away from 22chan, and would it have to be built from scratch?
We have (so far, two new namefags who are seemingly very nice so far.) And maybe around ((30)) diffrent anons on 22ch. Would that be enough people for it not to be a ghost town?
We just cant just,
Rush things and making it now, i think is bad idea,
for everything to go well, it'll be a slow change.


>Perhaps discord is for trusted users, to have slightly more private conversations.
this line of thinking is bad in itself. There are no trusted users, no users with badges and whatnot, there is only anons, we are all equal here and that's what imageboards are like. You can't make friends out of chans because everyone here is anonymous(or supossed to be). It is strange when you think about it, how people interact with others without knowing one another, that feeling of connection is what we seek here.
as for the others questions I don't really care about IRC, the community is still small to fuel an active channel, I just want discord gone becuase it's a major problem in this board.


To be fair, yes, anons are equal here and that's what imageboards or at less, the first imageboard 2chan and 4chan did before the more early 2010s or what not. But if it's equal, how do mods and janitor come to where they are. Without trust and known badges for mods and janitors, that can turn this place into an anarchy place if trust is removed and the owner has too much power without any rules for anons, or a messed up place full of bad janitors and mods careless or abusing power.


I'm just trying to figure out the exact point
Of discord in the first place.i do like the mods, even though i don't really know them. I just had minor conversations to them like everybody else, and beleve that we have similar mindsets. I feel like i can trust them. Sure, i just found this place in april, and they had minor sqabbles then and there, but we all do that.
Discord just poped out of knowhere, and i'm slightly curious as to what it's being used for. ((Discord is a jewish plot to sell 22chan to google jk lol))


The thing about discord is that there's a lot of just daily conversations.
Things that don't really belong on any board or doesnt fit 22chan's quality standards.
It does give out good OCs/ideas for threads, which then are posted on the site, if it's shit-then it remains in the discord like most other things.
>30 different anons
on discord there at least 90 people, a different question is how many of them are active, but there's a lot more people who use the site itself without discord.


why do you keep posting unrelated shit


agree, very unfunny of somebois


alright fine


really idk why people want a irc and hate the discord even tho irc is shit compared to discord


also i made the /sg/ thread for people who wanted it


>irc is shit compared to discord
Now that's a wild opinion. Would you mind sharing the reasoning behind that?


The only reason not to use discord is datamining although that happens on all the major platforms these days. The prevalence is not an excuse for doing so and people's privacy has got to be respected though. In my opinion IRC has the same problem as discord, it drives traffic away from the site in a way, but on the other hand, you get much better coordinated people, who care about the site, to work together.


>>326 yes i may anon.i think irc is shit compared to discord is because discord is way more customizable and a irc is gonna do the same thing as the discord so idk why people have a discord hate boner but they love irc


>>331>discord>customizeablealso>irc>not customizeablefurthermore>higher customizeability is enough to beat out any and all concerns regarding privacy, security, ~freedom~, etc....why am I starting to get the feeling you have no idea what you're talking about?


>>332Not sure what happened there it was formatted when I pressed reply i promise>discord>customizeablealso>irc>not customizeablefurthermore>higher customizeability is enough to beat out any and all concerns regarding privacy, security, ~freedom~, etc....why am I starting to get the feeling you have no idea what you're talking about?




>>334what do you mean


Line breaks don't work, as you've probably noticed by now.


oh shit
test another line


fuck you twoot, I bet you did that to fuck with me specifically


we have livechan, we dont need irc when we already have a live chat thingy. reguarding our discord if you need to critizies our server, you must join to check things out in order to express your opinion. what about discord itself? its spyware. but you dont need to download the app in order to use it, and its been proven its more secure if you use it that way. if you dont want to use discord, we have fucking livechan. no need to seperatw the userbase further


no, thats you failing at formatting.


I fucking hate Discord and refuse to use it. You all get what you deserve when they go full Jewgle. IRC was good enough.


Personally, I use Discord to talk to people and have personal conversation or just random chats.
The website isn't exactly a chatting place.
The site is still more entertaining but Discord is still nice.


IRC *is* good.


its realy fun to troll trannies and niggers i got like 20+ disabled accounts in total

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