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lets find out


its also 1 to 12 not military time


Currently, where i live
It is 11:02


At night.


i don't care im talking about another half of the universe that we could see not the earth


Depends on the gravity.


then lets put that into play, were gonna have to do very hard math


were gonna have to be very precise about out calculations


Also depends how close you are to a black hole.
Also, the mass of the planet.
Large planet, longer day. sometimes
Earth time = 24hr.
Also how fast does the planet spin.
How close is it to the sun.
Moar questions
Minor answers
I'll try to explain.( i got some of the math from my ham radio textbook.) If I shine a flashlight in front of me, I will measure the beam to travel at about 300,000 km/s, which is also known as the speed of light. (Fun fact electromagnet waves "radio waves travel at the speed of light.)
And if you are moving at 200,000 km/s faster than me, and shine a flashlight ahead of you, I will see the light from your flashlight moving at the 300,000km/s. It will appear to me, as though the light from your flashlight is moving away from you at 100,000 km/s.
But when you will measure the speed of that light, relative to you, you’d think it’d be moving at 100,000 km/s as well, but instead from your perspective it will ALSO clock in at 300,000 km/s. What time it is depends upon your vantage point, and so there is no single absolute time.
Finally, because of relativity, each point in the Universe experiences time at a slightly different rate. For example, when we observe the cosmic microwave background, we find that we are moving at a speed of about 630 km/s relative to the background. That means we experience time a bit more slowly that something at rest relative to the cosmic background. it’s just a tiny bit slower, but added over the entire age of the Universe, our cosmic clock is 30,000 years behind the times.
Thats all i got. I used to have a couple good quantum mechanics books about this but sadly they were destroyed.
I guess some other of the stats are online too


Unification theory says there is only one thing.
We used to think there were 4 fundamental forces, but we found out they were all the same thing. Strong em force, weak em force, electromagnetism, and gravity are all the same thing. We know that gravity is the same as time. High mass objects warp space time, which both generates gravitational forces (space) and changes the rate at which time flows relative to the rest of the universe (time). But the fact of the matter is that gravity is a myth. Objects warp time around them. Matter is sucked from areas with a high rate of time to areas with a low rate of time. It's all one thing. There is only time, and ripples in time.
But Einstein was Jewish, so I take all this with a grain of salt.

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