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Will earth ever recover from this disaster? I heard it's pretty much irreversible at this point.
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>A) Global warming is a meme and the UN is using it to gain power through programs like carbon credits.

>B)Climate change is real but Humans aren't really a big factor.

Prepare for the worst; Hope for the best. There is nothing you can do, stop worrying. It certainly isn't worth destroying the world's economy over.

>C) Climate change is real, and humans are a major cause, but we can't do anything about it.

Whoops, try again tomorrow. Who cares, it's time to embrace famine-chan.

>D) Climate change is real; humans are the major cause; we can do something.

Why bother. You're asking us to destroy the entire world's economy over this. We just need to adapt and take control. This planet is ours to master, it is our destiny.

>E) Climate change is real; we are the major cause; we can do something about it; we must do something or else billions will die.

They were going to die anyway. A couple of billion dying off in Africa, Asia, India will not cause the world much harm. In fact it is probably a benefit. Let it come, we will persevere.


OP here . I pretty much choose the C. I think when it hits the fan it will be the largest refugee crisis to ever occur. But both polar ice will be gone with the north good for shipping and antartica suitable for living


I say D, but what do you mean it would destroy the economy? Is there really no way we can slowly take the road to recovery?

>Captcha: faDke



In the words of George Carlin, the planet will recover just fine. It's seen far worse than us. However, we are going to get FUCKED one way or another. I doubt we're gonna go extinct over this (just turn up the ac lol), but it will definitely start a bunch of wars as resources dwindle. It could set us back centuries, or maybe spur us to space exploration. I hope not, though. We need to take care of ourselves before we go infecting other planets.


Honestly, I could care less if I ever stepped a foot outside being part of this damn natural planet ever again. I'd much rather live out my days part of a space colony with controlled climates and living in an artificial space about the size of an average home for the rest of my life. Fuck the world, fuck people, and fuck the weather. I just want to be comfy in my living space watching anime, playing vidya, and pleasuring myself.


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Me too bro. To become a cosmic hikkikomori would be to attain the highest form of existence.


Ironically the current Amazon rain forest fires are adding up to the brown markings on this graph for South America. Mass refugees into North America when?

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