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Fuck all you vim faggots, nano is best editor


>implying Emacs isn't the one and only editor (and operating system) worth existing


only 1 year old and this board is already trash
that being said i do like nano but there's nothing wrong with vim


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>necrobumping a shit thread

There are actually valid reasons why vim is not as good as some say (I am not going to comment on its philosophy or default keyboard bindings) :
- It has a lot of legacy cruft (can be fixed by switching to neovim or ed)
- Vimscript (the language that's used for developing its extensions) is crappy (can be fixed by switching to neovim)
- Vim is not POSIX compliant (this doesn't really matter in practice, however)
- Gnu Emacs has better documentation and tutorial
- It's a lot easier to customize and extend Gnu Emacs. elisp is also way better language than vimscript
Also emacs isn't nearly as bloated as some say, since Gnu Emacs is, in fact, a lisp interpreter that's just specialized for manipulating text and building a text editor, and the Emacs' core, the lisp kernel, is actually rather small and most of Emacs' functionality is build using elisp.
If you want, you can actually use evil-mode to emulate vi(m) in Gnu Emacs.

Install Gnu/Emacs, open it and type ctrl+h t
Install evil-mode, if you want to.


this whole board is dead.
anyway, i don't use vim often at all - only when there's no nano on the server i use at that time. when i'm programming i use whatever. it's not like you spend a lot of time using a text editor when i develop shit anyway.


When are they gonna release the Emacs kernel written in lisp?


That's lisp machines anon, been done a while ago


thanks nigga bread


AHAHAHAHAHAH fucking namefagging
I always forget to remove the name on the next post


what the fuck are you doing not using sublime text


both are extremely cool

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