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I found this project recently. It's and alternate client for Discord (and slack) and although not open source you could probably trust it more than ((((discord)))). It still seems to be in beta though, there are some unimplemented features and logging in is finnecky. But once you get it working it's great for power users.


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I won't be getting on that furry pedophile platform anymore.
I'm a zoomer and even I switched to IRC and Matrix.
But if you do use Discord, it's still a worthwhile alternative to the official client. At least it's not built on Electron and it doesn't spy you (or that's what the developer claims: it's not free software so you can't be 100% sure.)


I dont really give a shit about being spied on.
What will the govt learn from the shit
I type? That i like big titty anime girls and 2hu?


It's unethical to use people as products


Government nignogs that spy on me will be permanently scarred.


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govniggas aint got shit on me


i talked to the guy on his discord
he said that his client is mainly made for slack, he will be charging users for it and he will drop support for discord


>Closed source
>Ugly UI
>Will cost money when dev finishes it
>Doesn't work as well as official client
No thank you.


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I'd rather just not.


based penny pincher. Keep a tight hold on your shekels, boys. Money isn't everything, but that's no reason to throw it away.


just use irc

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