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The timeline https://22chan.org/timeline is out of date. Any events i should add to it?


both changes to the site, and social events?


Anything important that is 22chan related


any number related happenings, trips, quads.
the drunk dragon shitfest
not the thing with lolico
the novascotiarobot shitfest
carpgang /sewers/ war
fleshcuck faggotry
any oc related event such as our anon
puppy's ninaba, twoot , /sewers/-tan
and i think that's it?
i think we can also help gather info and shit if you need it twoot


>i think we can also help gather info and shit if you need it twoot
Yesssss, i want to add points to the timeline


get rid of the bellevue shooting thing. it wasn't us.


how do you know


>OP of the thread claimed to be planning a full-on shooting
>incident in question was a bullet going through a wall to kill a single person and then a suicide
it just doesn't match up. It's an unrelated event that happened by coincidence. Besides, even if it is real, is it really the sort of thing we want to brag about in this age where imageboards get shut down without warning over trivial bullshit?


He simply failed though, also we are not on cloudfare, so (((they))) can't take us down. However, I do understand the caution, but I personally don't think that it's something we should be worried about.


nigga the perp didn't fail, he never even left his damn home. How is that a mass shooting by any definition?


it's an epic fail but it's our epic fail, it's still lulz my man


no matter how long it takes i think we can work together as a team to get this stuff together for twoot
a community project!
uhh does anyone have a screenshot of the original drunk dragon thread before mods deleted everything?


File: demetrius.PNG (630.15 KB, 736x747, 736:747, 1582943688872.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>argument between man and woman followed by gunshot
>shot unfortunately passed through a wall and struck the neighbor, which was an accident
>perp flew the scene and later an heroed
mate, does this seem at all like the shooting which the OP of the thread was promising? Be serious. This is an unrelated event that we had nothing to do with. I hate to burst your bubble but it's not fail (never tried to be anything), it is not lulz (did not achieve anything), and it is most certainly NOT ours.


this is tragic :(


>we are not on cloudfare, so (((they))) can't take us down
Why do you think our current provider is more forgiving than cloudflare? Any reason/source to that?
I mean they could be. Or they could be even more sensitive. I think nobody gives a shit about 22chan, plus we're safe for work, so there's no reason to take us down for now.
But if we get a reputation of hosting shooters then it's not unlikely that we'll face problems with hosting


Pinwheel's of friendship and tolerance are also against the policy of the hoster, but they haven't given a single shit so far.


>le ebin 22 shooting is actually just a nigger moment


GOD this sucks so much


>the drunk dragon shitfest
It's not the "drunk dragon", it is "drunken dragon".
Also, I would like to mention that I have stopped with my drinking problem, thanks to support from all of you. That day when I woked up and when I saw what have I done here (literally sperg shitshow), I knew that all of my private problems are not solvable with the alcohol. So yeah, all of you had some valuable positive inflluence on me. I'm drinking only one beer in one week, and I have turned my whole new page in life.




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Always happy to help


Eh, I have never actually abandoned this place, but I have stopped with my posts, anyway, thx, anon, i really appreciate that.


This was also meant for you >>158
, but my update button is slow, lol.


the point where twoot became a faggot


This thread was a mistake


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time 2 delet thread


I know about facebook twitter and more.


inb4 Steve takes over 22



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