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A few feature ideas:
Quick reverse image search(like in 4chanX)
Threads without images
Tripcode tester



>Quick reverse image search(like in 4chanX)


>Threads without images


>Tripcode tester

What do you mean?


Sorry for the late reply


>Quick reverse image search(like in 4chanX)

Done :D


twoot can you use SauceNAO instead of google image search?


Sorry, sauceNAO isnt as developerfriendly as google image search


https://saucenao.com/search.php?url= <image url>
or even better https://www.imgops.com/ which provides links to all kinds of reverse image search and tools


How about a dropdown menu where you can choose from


How about now?


This is great. Thank you best waifu twoot


No problem bro :)

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