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>Information We Collect Automatically
>When you access or use our Services, we may also automatically collect information about you. This includes:
>Log and usage data. We may log information when you access and use the Services. This may include your IP address, user-agent string, browser type, operating system, referral URLs, device information (e.g., device IDs), pages visited, links clicked, the requested URL, hardware settings, and search terms.
Why the hell are you collecting this? What do you even need to know this for? Is 22chan yet another datamining spook op?


The only "stored" information to my knowledge is for the traffic page and an encrypted IP to ban any rulebreaking nignogs.


Well obviously i need to store your ip so i can ban ya, the rest is just copy pasted


lol i didn't even know most of that is written in there, i'll have to adjust that sometime lol


lol what a bunch of niggers injoy ur ban faggits


Do you want to know what i find interesting?
Two new users, who find 22chan call the moderation "incopetant" and also "demand" features. also saying that 22chan is a "spook op" and other users are "jewish shills" "pillpulls" (spreading doubt, if you will) they use numerology, which in itself is a jewish thing. i.e 13 is a bad number, 7 is a holy number, 661 is the mark of the beast, you get the idea. also posting in a (((formulaic manner))). when people post or discuss something that doent go in line with what (((they))) like" they get angry and try to make other people see their way. seems jewish to me hmm very odd oh well it might be nothing at all. yeah yeah twoots stealing your ip yeah 911 is a jewish psy-op think nothing of it. everythings fine.


Don't a lot of websites collect that data anyways?
Also the fuck is he supposed to do with that kind of data? Oyyy veyy I know you have a rtx 2060, all your secrets have been exposedddd.
Honestly, if you want to construct something, actually state what that data could be used for, because all you have said is stuff we can see for ourselves. The purpose of that text being there is FOR YOU TO READ AND KNOW WHAT THE WEBSITE IS DOING.


from what i remember about twoot he copy-pasted shit (like the shit-teir legal page) so shits going to be messy like that ip info thing. and yeah he stated that our ips are incrypted on one of the old /sg/ threads so its old news.


Then in that case, Twoot; if you have the spare time on your hands, try refine the (((legal))) stuff. Some people are just niggers and the best way to shut them up is to prove them wrong/fix the issue.


twoot also mentioned how he was conserned with our security several times in several threads, made mutipule security updates (like removing jewgle capcha, and homebrewing a new capthcha system) jumping to conclusions, arent they?


anyway, what i'm trying to say is that if you seed 22chan's userbase with doubt, if you make them feel unsafe, (oh no, everybody's a shill!) teach people to, "jump to conclusions" you kill the site. quite odd but i cant place a finger on what that reminds me of, not one bit.


also imagine if newfags find this thread, though. "oh wow, 22chan steals your ip! i must warn other people that this is a bad place" well gosh. isn't that a way to thin out the herd?


>saying that 22chan is a "spook op" and other users are "jewish shills" "pillpulls" (spreading doubt, if you will)
>they use numerology, which in itself is a jewish thing (despite the fact that I'm only using so in the context of exposing jewry)
>911 is a jewish psyop (implying that it isn't)
Sure... ...are you by any chance connected to some "bohemian", or a certain spook-controlled lolcow-board? With your grasp of English and everything, you sound extremely suspicious, to say the absolute least. I don't want to jump to conclusions very quickly, but I really hope 22 isn't another shill-infested let alone shill-controlled IB seeing how so many of them already are (mostly characterised by their pro-homosexual nature, which 22 bans).


i am a jewish shill spook and i must ask you to stop talking (((oy vey)))


>he jumps to conclusions yet again


>using jewish tactics and jewish
numerology TO EXPOSE JEWS


Anti-Jew Jew oh yeeee


>i am a jewish shill spook and i must ask you to stop talking (((oy vey)))
I've seen this same act done tens of times before, mostly on other imageboards. Be a jewish shill, shill for (often even spam) obvious jewish narratives with a blank check from the admin, and when the goyim know, admit you're one in a sarcastic manner to look stupid and thus prevent people from actually discerning if you are one in a serious manner.
>>he jumps to conclusions yet again
I literally explicitly said I didn't want to jump to conclusions; again, this type of behaviour of accusing me of something even after clarifying I have nothing to do with it is a typical jewish shill resort.


File: Bohemian_Rhapsody.png (147.65 KB, 318x314, 159:157, 1593071679227.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

yeah sure i'm Bohemian Rhapsody do you do the fondango?


are you that blind that you cant see TWO people posting, not just ((one spammer))


Be real, 22chan is slow. Nobody posts so much similar stuff in a similar writing style so quickly, it's obviously you. Very "bohemian" if you if anyone else knows what I mean.


Guys it's okay just look at cat pics.
Tw00t only wants to look at your cat pics.


do i seriously need to tripfag with the other guy to prove there are multiple people


Jews obviously insert their own numerology in their own stories. Again, this type of question is something I've seen from many spammers before.
Are you implying that I'm too stupid to know a single person can use multiple tripcodes?


Can you actually sit down and prove that i'm Bohemian, that 22chan is actually infested with jews, or will you still keep blathering accusations that will never be proved? and yes retard, there are multiple people in this thread.


All you keep doing is posting conjecture, and it's clear it'll never end.


>prove that i'm Bohemian
I'm saying you're similar to a certain "bohemian" poster I've seen before. He was a poster on another board (specifically its /pol/ and suggestions board) that acted just like you except he wouldn't even pretend to oppose jews, he'd always harass any anti-jewish posts with low-quality spam, no matter how much scholarly evidence is put out he'd always accuse posters of being "schizos", he said he was a jewish shill while being clownlike, thinking that'd make others stupid, and later on he spammed literal child pornography and homosexual pornography; most of this (minus the CP) he has done with a blank check from the BO himself because there were too little rules. He made boards impossible to even post in as all his stuff had to have been deleted for things to even be clean. Your behaviour is essentially the same as his, which is why I suspect you of being jewish. I don't want to jump to conclusions too quickly, but I'm getting more and more suspicious as you keep up this act. Some of these techniques have been known for years (though some have been abandoned as many normal posters have caught on to it), see "The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)":
Pointing out obvious tactics you're using isn't "conjecture", it's common sense.


While I'm at it, here's the type of "forum spy" techniques and traits from that list alone that I have already seen used here:
>forum sliding
>information collection (what OP was talking about, though I hope doesn't really apply to 22chan)
>Use a straw man
>Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule (you using the triple parentheses on me for no just reason, despite you now complaining that I'm saying you're possibly a jew)
>Question motives (you in >>749)
>Play Dumb (you in >>757)


It never ends


Calling him bohemian is a strawman thing, where are you going with this?


I'm closing this thread as the question is answered and the discussion is off topic now

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