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Could you guys allow multiple file uploads per post like so many other imageboards allow these days?


The umlaut vowels also don't show up in posts, leading to awkward cases like Alternativ fr Deutschland and Walter Lbcke.


IBs who allow multiple images on the same post look gay


You're not looking fully straight yourself, truth be told.


Only 4chan doesn't allow multiple images. You don't wanna be like 4chan, do you twoots?


horrible idea, next thing that will be said to add is all the other alt-chan shid like white texting, red arrowing and rainbow text. just doesnt fit in well with 22chan.


Could multiple image uploads be at least allowed for /pol/? There are important things to post and breaking apart posts just to post more than one image would look tedious and unnecessarily hide older posts within that thread.
Perhaps just two images for /pol/ as a trial run.
There's a world of a difference between allowing an extra image in a post and gaudy rainbow text.


>Perhaps just two images for /pol/ as a trial run.
Sounds good, I second this proposal.




think i fixed that äöü


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