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i feel like having the site themes as an option in livechan would be nice


this tbh.
i want the option of having the old livechan look back aswell


what about 22chans themes


We have different themes in livechan


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i was thinking more about literally having the option of having the old livechan look


i can try making a theme that looks close to that


but i want also old livechan ;_;


like what
i mean, one of the old features is the fact that nothing is archived, sort of like old school irc
another old feature is that its short, and can only have 60 posts at a time
i do kinda miss both features, but i guess we all can debate for and again'st those things
Gonna throw an idea out
livechan is diffrent, so it should have diffrent channels
instead of random, it should be called "general"
and sewers wont work out, because you dont make threads to shitpost, so if anything you can just call it /sheit/ and its just for shitposting and gibberish
dont see the use in a anime channel since no body really talked about anime there
its one of those things that can be added later
what channel would be good for livechan anyway? i guess we'll find out later


maybe we could just have one channel, it would hopefully restore the relative standards of comfyness we had before the update


i'd say a shitposting channel is good, so it doesnt clog up the random channel


a containment channel does make sense tbh
i'd still like to be able to choose the option of having literally the old livechan look
also 555 GET


The current archive hold a maximum of 5000 posts and after that the oldest posts get deleted


wait where is that? i only know of this archive thing https://22chan.org/archive


the archive for livechan, not the archive for 22chan


thats really good to know thx twoot


Aight, this is as good as it gets. (Checkbox is in the settings)


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Forgot the image


this is holy

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