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it would be nice to see good animations here
[spoiler]just for the nostalgiafagging[/spoiler]



Alright, imma add it… Lets see if it‘ll stay



Any improvements?


i tried to upload an swf file, but the posting process is so long that the captcha's verification expired and then the process is canceled



Hmmmm… swf‘s yeah… i intentionally designed 22chan to only support webm and image formats… didnt expect it to become so popular… im currently on my way home from vacation, so as son as im home im gonna start searching for a solution… until then im gonna remove /f/. Sorry to have you waiting mate


take your time mate. quality > quantity


How big is that file?


3.80 MB


I didn't know what size it was to be honest until I cheked it. Is it more of my internet's speed at fault here?



It is your internets fault indeed, but there is a whole different problem… The thing is, i only have a certain amount of space available. I recon that swf's can get pretty big? So the only way for a /f/ board would be to use some third party uploading service where you would link the swf file somehow. Something like Vocario, u know what i mean? I would just need to find a good hoster that could work…

I hope i explained that in an understandable way.


Yeah I understand. Uploading the SWF in an another website (or server) instead uploading here.


Alright, i have implemented swf upload. Yes, i decided that its better to upload em to 22chan than to an external hoster. The maximum size is limited to 10 MB and im now just working on embedding them in the browser.


Ok, now everything should work… If you are using Firefox and it doesnt play, you need to clear your Cache and then it should work again.


alright then
thanks for the hardwork CR

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