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Will twootchan support webp?


what did you even try to add desu?
A webpage?
Just add a link to the site dummy.
No need to overcomplicate things.


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oooh, it's a viiideeeooo format
i'm smart!
i get it!


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But why this exact format tho?
We've already got like a 50 MB filesize limit. Should be enough for good quality lengthy videos.


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It's an image format my dude.


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man, i really am as dumb a cirno
But the question remains: why tho?
Just post a png or jpeg or whatever.


File size reduction :)


twoot is probably playing work simulator again, so it's probably gonna be some while until he replies about this matter desu


Shut the hell up nigger, im working in my actual job. Without it there is no 22chan


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And now 22chan supports webp.


Lole you can just look in discord and see that im not playing it. Also my vacation is over, so im working

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