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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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Anon(>>935) suggested having a "meet-up" time for livechan, with a timer on the website, to help actually have real-time interactions


i'll cross link it for you
ur wel cum


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I have a suggestion, it's to improve the current ASCII feature. Currently we are using MSPGothic, which is ok, But it has downsides which are kinda obvious, pic related. Notice the line breaks


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This is monafont, (on some old imageboard) It's the same art, but much smoother. Here is where it can be installed.
TLDR premium shit which is pretty much the standard for ASCII and ShiftJIS art


greentexting wins over spoiler (probably should be the opposite)
>be me
>greentext in spoiler
On firefox. Also spoiling with 2 asterisks is slightly different than using tags. Small margin thing, no issue. Though I do like the fact that two asterisks make the spoiler effective as soon as you post (while the tags require refreshing the page)


Clicking a flash in /all/ does not load the ruffle.
It instead tries to download the flash.


Back in the day ruffle was univercal, so like it worked in /yu/ on the comfy thread. I wonder what happened.


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Screenshot related


Bad newfags/normalfags are usually content with staying on 4chan
But when they do find us we have rules and negative community reactions against the low quality garbage they bring
It's not a bulletproof system, but it's worked so far


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Fitness board


read rule one desu


how does rule one apply here desuka


no reason to make a fitness board if there's no discussion yet, make a thread and see how it goes.


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perhaps i'm just a bit retarded or stupid but i tried to blacktext and it didnt work, pic related. Perhaps i fucked up the formatting?
[spoiler] test? [/spoiler]


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What do you think about moving the backlinks to the end of each post, as on the Fatchan engine?
In my opinion it looks cleaner (especially when there are lots of backlinks in a single post) and I think it makes sense from a web design perspective, as you're always going to read the post first before looking at the replies, leading to a smoother experience.


That does look nice


I feel like the OP thing should be an option you should toggle on a thread, because for some threads it honestly isn't needed. I don't need to know the OP on a /sewers/ thread, and i don't want to be OP on some of the threads i make. Some threads work well with OP, some don't. And just like pol, When you clear your cookies it removes OP from your post, requiring you to tripfag making the OP thing kinda useless anyhow.


>I feel like the OP thing should be an option you should toggle on a thread

that sort of defeats its purpose though, that would lead the same fagging that was happening before,
and anyway it seems unnecessary and having an additional option only serves to bloat the site more than it needs to be

also good riddance to pol, it was only a matter of time until the same pol cross-board faggotry that plagues the other chans popped up here as well and it was best to axe that before it became a problem


Do you think we need a /k/ if no one really uses it? How many /k/ fags do we even have? Perhaps replacing it with a diffrent board that everyone might use is a good idea unless i'm overthinking it.


On the topic of /k/, the sticky there still references /pol/


perhaps some more general boards that would encompass a couple boards, like an outside board or smth


i feel like for now, to keep a somewhat good speed on all boards, we should probably not add any more


Probably should update the sticky on /vg/, since there isn't a discord anymore (and is the minecraft one still up?)


No, it's been down for a while now.


i'm gonna consider this

has been done


what are your thoughts on
>>945 ?



added that font

shutup chad


testing ascii testing ascii testingascii testingascii testingascii testing


kewl thanks twoot


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In the closed "Community related questions" thread, an anon complained that 22chan is too slow and content posted here is over a month old, most posts way older than that, making the chan feel a bit dead.
So what if threads had an expiration date? Maybe a month and every new post resets the timer? So if a thread stays completely dead for 30 days, it's auto-deleted.
Do anons think this could be misused in some way? There could of course be anons who bump a thread simply to keep it alive and litter the board. On one hand I think it could encourage the posting of new threads as old ones vanish. It could also possibly just make the chan seem even more dead. What do you think, anons?

(I just want to add that I don't mind that 22chan is slow. As one anon said, it's "4chan with standards". This is the best chan around and I love you guys.)


Nice trips. This is something i actually wanted to mention but i forgot to, and it made me remember. I've been here for a long while and i know that no one gives a fuck about "necrobumping". It's an issue from other altchans and old 4chan but not us. We do get pissed when someone bumps an old thread or project with a shitty, low quality post or literally just posting "bump. Also, its nice to see someone notice and respond to an old post i made that got ignored for a year or something untill just now and it becomes an interesting active thread/conversation. I tend to lurk the catalog and read every single thread and post on every one besides dead projects or threads that required a OP that left the board never to return. but as you stated theres issues with old or extra long threads. One of which twoot mentioned in the "talk about anything thread"; it was WAY too long and the page got all slow and buggy. Having a TON of old threads (lets use /yu/ as an example) makes absolute newfags or retards think "shit slow chan im outta here" although if you actually look at the old threads, they are quite active and have TONs of recent posts on them. I think twoot can help with this issue by adding a thing that deletes the thread after a certian number of posts are made
I was thinking of something too like add a timer the OP can set, like "i want my thread to be deleted in a week/month/day" but i feel like it could be abused, like a retard making a shitty thread on /b/ and it getting set to delete in a day, or worse, a QUALITY thread that ends up getting deleted in a day because OP was nervous no one would like it. Honestly i like the freedom that idea gives but as you can tell it could be abused easily. I like your idea of a 30 day deletion period but i see a potential flaw. Lets say all threads have that feature, and like on the hyperbeam/tuturu thing, everyone left because of school or collage. So theres a low number of posters. Not only that but lets say theres one or two active threads per board.
Now lets say the timer went off, and threads got deleted. No one posts on k and that board woudl get nuked, same goes with /f/ and we'd lose tons of threads on every other board besides two and 22chan would look bare bones. We would probably be able to make new threads easily to replace the old ones but there wouldnt be too many posts on them and from a newfags perspective, "wow look like two active threads on each board, shitty dead chan im outta here"
I'm not trying to be rude and i agree with you. i'm just trying to iron things out and think of any potential issues.


*besides two per board adding up to at least 20 threads


excuse me for being retarded but i need to correct myself again
*"wow look like two active threads on each board with 8 posts, shitty dead chan im outta here"

but yeah if that feature was added we could (as you said) easily adapt and whip up new threads, it would change our posting habits which is fine


The bus-stop.net has a very nice time-based system. Post last 24 hours, and they're all on one page
However, I don't think it would make sense to attempt something similar here, because by this point it's established what 22chan is. It wouldn't make sense to change it completely now, and I think most anons wouldn't like that (because they enjoy it as it is)
There really is no way to introduce any time constraints without changing this site completely/deleting 80+% of its contents
At most an /experimental/ board could be made, where different mechanics can be tested for fun. But that's a lot of work for the admin, and considering that livechan usually gets less than 10 visitors per day it's probably not worth it from his perspective


>22chan would look bare bones
This is exactly what I'm worried about and those boards you mentioned, too. /k/ would definitely just up and die. I think /vg/ could be in danger of dying too, it's not that active. I'm 95% sure that if anons could choose their own expiration date it would be abused. I think both of your reasons are valid cases. Lurking the catalog is fun and you often find something interesting. Old threads do get bumped from time to time. For the expiration date idea to work we would need a larger userbase and then we're in danger of normies finding us. I like the little unknown-corner-of-the-internet vibe the 22chan community has.

I agree that this would change the site considerably. When I discovered the site I found it a little off-putting that whatever I post here could stay up for a year or even longer. However this can work in our favor as it forces you to carefully consider what you post. The Nexus Forums do the same thing basically, users cannot delete their posts so it forces them to consider their posts carefully.

What if a thread could be reported for inactivity? I think this could be useful in threads such as >>>/yu/2117. The OP is long gone and the thread is long dead but it doesn't violate any rules so it stays up. Report it for inactivity for the mods to delete it. To prevent abuse I think misuse of this feature should be severely punished. Then again this could lead to an old thread full of cool and interesting posts to get deleted.


twoot said 400 posts was too long, so how about 300, then the thread auto-deletes or locks up?


At the moment i do that manually though and i like having the control over it


>What if a thread could be reported for inactivity?
I'm dubious it'd work. It's just too hard/subjective to determine which threads are worth keeping even if inactive and which should get deleted/archived


Yeah, in hindsight I think so too.


The art tool isn't working on /i/, it wouldn't submit either of my drawings...


Cross-board/thread links should take you to the right page when clicked
For example, right now clicking >>>/sg/915 won't take you to https://22chan.org/sg/res/860#915
Right clicking + open in a new tab works, but it's a bit inconvenient as I'm not sure everybody will figure it out


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Could we have a roll option in the /sewers/, if you please ?


File: barrelroll.gif (13.58 MB, 1142x792, 571:396, 1631019520509.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

could we have a "barrel roll" option in the /sewers/, if you please?
All it needs to do is constantly rotate the post.

Add "barrelroll" class to post div
.barrelroll {
-webkit-animation: spin 4s linear infinite;
-moz-animation: spin 4s linear infinite;
animation: spin 4s linear infinite;
@-moz-keyframes spin { 100% { -moz-transform: rotate(360deg); } }
@-webkit-keyframes spin { 100% { -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); } }
@keyframes spin { 100% { -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); transform:rotate(360deg); } }



File: weird-cat.png (58.07 KB, 505x188, 505:188, 1631645203962.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

whad up wid dat


lol even the cat is confused


I feel like it would a good idea to ban migration threads like https://22chan.org/vg/res/805 as those people are just jumping around imageboards and only bring destructions to the imageboards they go to. They will not and are not planning on adapting to the community that is build around 22chan, and do not even have the motivation to read and respect the rules whatsoever. Threads like these are not made with this website in mind and are all build around the community where it hence came from, they only bring more people that will try to destroy this website in the future. I just do not understand how these migration threads benefit 22chan in the slightest.


It shouldn't be that every single migration thread should be banned but there needs to be a completely different approach to when one is allowed to be created. I'm not sure how this issue should be handled but one way I believe would be a person asking with approval from one of the moderators if they are allowed to create the migration thread they want to create. Where the said moderator would first take a look what community they are dealing with and if they are worth being allowed to come to this website.


I agree. That thread was of poor quality, or at least the migrated posters were. They didn't bring anything good to the site. They just popped in to shit up the place and left once they got bored. This will just shit up whatever board it happens on if it happens again. When I tried to check out the 4chan thread it had 404'd. I think they got b& for raiding lol.


some1 pwned livechan, fix the xss twoot!

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