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The /t/ board should be divided, because scientific topics and computer technology are two very different things, and the people which are interested on those topic might not overlap.

This will make one topic ,(most likely hardware and software discussion), take over other, killing discussions that could exist perfectly in an other board.

This can be fixed by creating a science board.


Would that be worth it, though? /t/ isn't very active.


I think it would be more active, as science people are discourage to post there.
Also can we get philosophy or history board?


>can we get philosphy/history board
Can't because we would need a larger userbase to warrent the creation of a new board. Untill we get a boost in population you should probably make a thread for those subject matters in whatever board fits best. Other's did it on /b/ and it worked out for them so far and it's good to generate hype for that subject matter so twoot knows what board should be made.
Userbase increase + Tons of people making threads or flooding a thread with X subject matter = new board


Ok then I will do that


when lol


Whenever I feel I have something worthwhile talking

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