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You'll probably need a refresher so i'll describe it again. 22Chan Town Hall is a remake of 4chan's town hall where moot gathered all of his users for a massive, semi-meta chit chat. Our version could take place (in a thread) But honestly, livechan is better suited. The discussions that can take place doesnt really matter, It can be serious and candid, or just general discussion. (good place for newcomers to know twoot, and the site better) I'm going to post a poll that will help decide when, which day and for how long but as always twoot gets the final say. Make sure to vote for a time that's convenient to you, but i think the deciding factor is when twoot can show up.
We'll also need something like a timer in the blotter so we'll know when the town hall is happening. Also, should it get it's own special channel in livechan, or will we use #Random?


Sounds like a lot of fun, and potential. Best idea I've heard in a while

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