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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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trash thread is locked as /trash/ was deleted, i'll take a look at the threads

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On this Board you can post ideas for features, bugs you've found, board requests, rules that you want to be added, etc.

Violations will cause a ban from all boards from 2days up to permanent.

After something is implemented the thread will be locked

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Here's some questions, some new, some old. some hidden, and even some asked in the open. Either way we've kinda sat on them or gave vague answers to no avail. And i fully understand it'll take time to answer these, changes aren't made overnight of course. and really, i just want this thread to just sit here and be discussed over time. Iron things out slowly.
1, Do we have a niche? Should we try and find one? What would it be? both "comfy" and "nostalga" are more or less aspects of this community then actual niches, if anything a good chunk of altchans adopted those as their niches already. 22chan needs to provide a seed of topics to discuss which will set the ambiance, and it has to relate to all the boards as a whole. an example is lainchan which uses serial experiment lain as their niche, and the aspects of their community is acting like a liberal redditor, and cyberpunk/hacker culture. (cats could be a niche but im not sure how it would be implemented or if it even is a good niche at all)
2, How can we be "Diffrent" or not just "Another altchan"? there's limitations to this question of course, twoots only one guy, and who knows what he can or cant do for the software aspect of that question. For some reason people get bored because they see us as some regular old "knockoff 4chan" altchan imageboard.
3, "Le epik oldfags" Or, Is it wise to adapt some of 4chan's culture, (like we do right now) or should we try to head in our own direction? is it bad to use 4chan's culture a bit too much, or even as a crutch or a placeholder for lack of a culture? we've been told that we're too young to fully understand what we are posting, some people get annoyed at when we discuss internet/meme philosophy a bit too much, like sometimes we get stuck in a cycle thats hard to get out of, and there are better things to discuss. some people say we are a "nostalga site" or even get "old /b/ vibes" from us. in some cases, we've been even called "oldfag larpers''
4, "Windowshopping simulator" Or, What's stopping you from posting, or making threads? What can we do to fix that problem? One suggestion what was thrown out is this
>start visiting and taking part into threads on other boards, don't just keep sitting in one board like /b/. And due to the whole site being so slow, you, anon, can probably even reply to several month old threads and posts to spark up the conversation.
>In short, diversifyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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For me, the appeal of 22chan is that it's like 4chan with standards. We don't have frogposters or people who do things like post twitter screencaps or start YLYL threads. The restriction on porn is also instrumental here. Basically, because these forms of repetitive, worthless content are all disallowed, the entire board and every post on it can embody the sort of thing that you would spend hours looking for on 4chan. We have genuine, unpretentious, and respectful exchanges on a constant basis, all without compromising our principles for an overmoderated hugbox. I worry that this is a delicate balance which may be disrupted if the site takes on too many new users at once, but for the moment it is ideal.
To address the point about "oldfag larping", I believe that what set the oldfags apart from the current userbase of 4chan is the simple fact that the site hadn't been around as long, so there wasn't as much of a culture built up, which meant there was less room for "re-run" threads and more room for novel humor and discussion. When people make something new, it comes from the heart, so it's always better than when they repeat something that's been done hundreds of times to the point where everyone has forgotten how it even started. So, if we're oldfag larpers, it's because we don't like parroting other people all day. This should be a point of pride.
Regarding our niche, I see no need for one. A selling point for the site would only serve to obscure its greatest strengths. For the sake of discussion, if we were to bring in users by claiming to be "the only altchan for Nirvana fans", then we might get more users, but they would all be wondering where the Nirvana discussion is, and they might not realize that the actual point of the board is the sheer quality of it, so they would probably drag it down. It doesn't have to be Nirvana; it could be anything. Just don't make 22chan out to be something it's not. Forced memes always suck.
As for your point about window shopping, I post here pretty frequently (every few days - a week) because I find it pleasant to do so. I might post more frequently if I knew that I was more likely to get a reply, but like the last point, this isn't something that should be forced. Developing a userbase organically will lead to the best quality of discussion.
Anyway, the only thing I would really do if I was in charge around herPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i feel like the board theme thing harkens back to old 8chan, and it also sets us off from being some other altchan.


I think >>929 is right. Sorry for encouraging you to post on livechan
Honestly I felt very frustrated with 22chan in the past. I invested too much energy into it and got too little out. That's my fault. But realistically:
>at any moment, over 90% of 22chan's content is over a month old, which feels very dead. Post also get very old. Wiki-tier content is good to keep around for years, but not (most) imageboard posts
>The value of the content isn't worth the wait. Waiting a week for a dozen posts of casual convo is hardly worth it. Waiting a couple months for a simple oc thread is hardly worth it
>Many threads are unsuccessful (=less than 3 satisfying replies followed by death). This is not terrible in itself, but when you already have so little activity it's sad to see. It also shows how our small userbase often struggles with finding common interests
>We (mostly) lack the bad parts of 4chan, but we also (mostly) lack the good parts. Nothing interesting ever happens here. Many people go through all the 4chan shit because every once in a blue moon you find something genuinely original, interesting, fun, unique. That doesn't happen here because that only happens when there's a lot of people posting a lot. So what was the most interesting 22chan event of 2020? The cicada larp?
I just don't see why would I come back here. Oh, wait, I know why. I'm your first sad fuck who wishes he could leave but can't
Sorry for the tone but I can't bother rewriting this post again
Anyway this is just how I feel about it, I understand that others don't. Also I get that there's hardly much to change/that can (or should) be changed
There is no way to solve any of these problems without transforming 22chan into something different, and that would be unfair towards the people who are happy with how things are, which is the majority

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Flash as an embeddable web format is close to death, but there seems to be nothing to truly replace it
Of course there are html5 games and just normal youtube videos, but flash also had slightly interactive content which it seems we won't be seeing as much anymore
My idea would be to find (or create, it shouldn't be too hard I think) a file format like the .swf, except it works using html5, so you can embed it (and it would work without need for a plugin). It would also be easier to save/share than html5 games. And you could add the possibility to post that stuff on /f/
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Three things that I think would be very beneficial to your board and give it a cutting edge:

1. Could you allow images to be copied and pasted into the file location like Kohlchan does instead of the user always having to save an image to their computer and then upload it?
2. Could you allow for file renaming in the file section (KC always calls c&p'd images 'Clipboard-#########')?
3. Could you also allow for a text box for an image location link to be posted, where the image in the link then becomes the image in the user's post? 4chon.net did this and I'm surprised that nearly a decade later no other board has done something like this.
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pls let us use our styles that we have on the boards like niniba and shit for 22chan.org/home
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How am I supposed to post on this holly board using a very holly browser that is links2 if I literally can't see the captcha the enterance of which is required? Also I definetely remember seeing the captcha with links2 before.
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i was thinking if there could be a paranormal page added because i like reading that shit and i have a few stories
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People can pay to suggest to add music, or simpily suggest music to add. Its like adds for 22chan but in a less crap more creative way to help keep 22chan alive.
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Could video embeds (especially from YouTube) be allowed to substitute file uploads, including OPs?
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