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Spiders are cute!!


>be me
>fuckin around in garage with friend
>see spiderbro descending from ceiling on a thread, getting ready to build a sick new house
>realize that my friend is viciously anti-spider and will smash poor spiderbro on sight
>discreetly pick up spiderbro and place him gently on the ground
>he runs into the shadows and I never see him again, but do notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of flies buzzing around my pad
>later, friend gets dumped by his roastie gf because he has too many bugs in his house
>she bangs me because there are no flies in my house
>get regular compliments from random women about how I don't have any bugs crawling on me
>have bjs on a regular basis while friend lives in a pest-filled shithole and masturbates to cuck porn all day
Thank you, spiderbro. Keep on dishing out that sweet karma.




Reptiles (including gators) have a dangerous bacteria in their mouth. If you get bit find the nearist spiderweb and put it on your wound. An enzyme in the spiderweb kills the specific bacteria and helps your wound heal faster. SpIdEr GaNg


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Yo spideros. I have a plan.
I'm green, I can jump on an alligator and no-on would notice. Then I can attack when they least expect, all I ask dear spideros is to charge the vile alligators when I bite the fucker (I'll give a signal)


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If any of those gators gets near Ima catch it with my invisible spiderweb


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Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

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