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uuuhhrmmmmmmhmm aahmhmhm hemhm mhmhmhmhmmm hmhmmmm mhmmhhmhm mohhmm mhexcuse me.... my scooter..... hhhuuhhmmmrrhhmm .. i have a hhmmmhh condition you see... hhhmmmm mhhhrmrmrmmhmhmm uhhmm uhhrmmmhhhhhhhh




uuuhhhhhhrmmrmmm hhrmrhmmmm


*heavy breathing*
*lips smacking*


hhhuhhhhhhhh hhherhg huhhhhhhhhh
*heart stops*


*rolling on the floor*
Better put mayo on this
*Sweating syrup*
Hamplanet from McDonald's galaxy
*creaking chair*
Cubic coffin
*cought lard*
Own center of gravity


so vary hongry, get in mah belly little one

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