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boste your broblems here, maybe me and other anons can give you the right advices for them


Why the heck /sewers/?
Anyway, how to learn to do things that I have to do?
I think I've developed some sort of apathy towards anything which I perceive as a duty, for example studying for university
I'm in this absurd position where I struggle with doing and procrastinate excessively on things that I easily did and enjoyed doing in my free time less than a year back


y mi pp hert


frens, this is an advice column. you should make up names for yourselves, like "confused anon from ohio" or something
/sewers/ because this is nice board (+ comfy).
i think that it's important to remember why you have to do something, so it might help if you think about what will happen if you don't. sometimes it's fine to put something off, but anything that gets worse when you ignore it should be taken care of quickly. if you're having trouble with things you enjoy, maybe try putting on some music. i like to do that.
beacuase u let ur nails get too long? idk just put some icy-hot on it


it is nice board, but also lolrandom >>88

Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

Oracle says: Yes


I like taking care of things quickly when I can, but sometimes I feel like I have a lot of stuff ahead and I'm not even sure where to start. I guess I should try to think more about why it's important to do what I must but I usually end up distracting myself in lots of other things before I notice. For example, did you know there was a serial killer who made soap out of its victims? Also sweets with their blood, which she fed to unwitting frens and family as a "protective spell" and a "human sacrifice" for their well being. Crazy shid. Also owls are awesome man


lole my advice at her: they got soap and candy at the stoare already if you give them dollar bille


funny dubs


sucky sucky five dolla

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