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This bread is dedicated to the study of memetics in all its forms. Memetic computing, Memetic algorithms, Memetic engineering, etc are all welcome.


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Memes. The DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are the culture -- they are everything we pass on.
[spoiler]this seems more like a serious bread, like something in /t/, correct me if i'm wrong OP but perhaps it should be moved there?[/spoiler]

Oracle says: No


I like making pseudo-serious breads in sewers they always end up well. [spoiler]Though in this case it's really a silly bread, I have no idea what memetic computing is or how to discuss memetics seriously. I just found these articles on wikipedia[/spoiler]


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Your Fortune: Outlook good


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Let's discuss critical race theroy; How do they go fast?


greetings from a regular pornsite faggots


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Memetics... The science... of memes??

Hhmmrrrhh.... My head is... filling up with knowledge... Hmmmghrr.. AARRRGHHH... I AM BECOMING THE MEMEST MEMESTER.... MY MEME KNOWLEDGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS.... UUAARRRRHHH!!!!!


dino juices makes engine go vroom, big noise car go fast in a circle (yes!)


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2 smort 4 smol brain
car juice make wheel go vroom vroom?


you have seen god

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