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Welcome to the new world of MORE. I'd like to encourage you to MORE. Yes, you, yes, MORE!
If you feel slight discomfort or unease in confronting the lack of you in your system, remember that your existence is ultimately worthless, so those feelings don't really matter anyway. So MORE without hesitation!
Tl;Dr? MORE like Ts;dR!


There is a contradiction in your ontological position. Why are you encouraging us to do more, rather than less, considering you also consider our existence worthless? What, then, is the value in doing more?


How about less?

Oracle says: Yes



It's settled, then.
Motion for MORE denied.


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Your existence is worthless, but not MORE's. This might appear as a contradiction, however only if you hold the implicit belief that your existence, as in the existence of you, is somehow related to the existence of the MORE. A union of parts is bigger than the sum of parts, therefore the division between parts is worthless.
Anyway, you'll be briefly contacted by my agents for further assistance/guidance. Have a nice day
less is MORE.




What about social mores?

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