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gator gang glory gator gang glory gator gang glory gator gang glory GATOR GANG GLORY GGG KING KOOLS KREW

all praise the gator gods


fuck jews


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Fun facts:
Crocodilopolis was one of a handful of Egyptian cities where the crocodile was worshipped. Most Egyptians didn't worship the crocodile and some would bash them to pieces. However, Crocodilopolis revolved its local religion around the crocodile. The priests there took care of a sacred domestic crocodile, covered it in white make up and decorated it with jewels. Tourists from as far away as Greece would come to see the sacred crocodile. There were allowed to purchase fish cakes to feed it, generating revenue for the city.


"and then they migrated to 22chan's /sewers/"


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Heil Sobek



Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

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