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Hello it's anon, on one rainy day I deiced to go into my google meet class, there was about 10 kids and 2 teachers, we were learning about the hall of cost and what happened to the victims within the hall of cost, as we where half way into the class, both of the teachers get booted but the class stays up, then all of the students start to leave, on the whiteboard all i see is, you'll end up like the Jews, the next morning i went into my class, everything was fine then it happened again, everyone got kicked out besides one person, they didn't have a username but there pfp was an image of a persons face melting, I think it might be a Jew I don't know, they turn there camera on and all I see is this person who looked like they died in the hall of cost, my computer sets on fire with images of Jews being burned in the background.


Exorcise that shid, anon




>>3339 Kike watermelon addict

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