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how do i use this image board i think my screen is to small or something

Your Fortune: Outlook good


no, this is how you use 22chan
this is the way, he is the chosen one
may oracle bless you

Oracle says: No


No, you just clicked windows 98 frames too much


i have windows 10

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now


File: lel.png (62.63 KB, 714x309, 238:103, 1608340652192.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


It's an emulator our admin made, you clicked it too much lel.

Oracle says: Very likely


whats that red circle about?
oh i get it i now m not suposed to klick buttons
so should i navigate the site using my keyboard or something?

Your Fortune: Very Bad Luck


the owner (also formerly named Twoot) made it.


I'm sorry anon, but are you trying to access 22chan from a computer which isn't running templeos? 22chan is only supported on the third temple, so browsing experience on other platforms can be a little wacky


clippy says that you have to post more cats, thats your problem
22chen is powered by cats

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