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well if you're not going to say something then I will


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Fishes are good! Otter bad!


the N in "N.American" stands for "watermelon addict" because it's an otter


i have been rused by the wordfilter, i meant to say n1gger




This. what a glorious statment that will be remembered for all time, i'm going to screenshot this post for my future grandchildren to see. hopfully this gets archived in a museum.


It's all a conspiracy. Empty posts aren't actually empty. There's a hidden message in that post, I know it!


I posted my dick and then deleted it because I realized nobody here wants to see it.


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No secret posting allowed


No need for that "s" at the end, I am the only one (and I'm NOT op). I waited for your permission to share the scriptures. Well, so much for that...
But it's fair I guess. hAVE A NICE DAY​

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