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>get big beautiful house on a spacious estate
>cram it with so much bullshid it becomes impossible to walk in a straight line without knocking something over and causing a domino effect
why were victorians like this


In the case of the pic, everythings put in it's rightful place, and out of the way. Looks quite comfy.


>Looks quite comfy.
You must be British then. Looks to me like Monty Python upchucked all over the walls.


Doesn't matter if it's in the rightful place, wait until dusting day. Fun fact, they didn't have vacuums so the maid would just go in, open the window, and blow/dust everything off then lock the door until the dust settled in a new place. Disgusting. The rooms would get so full of stirred-up dust after their "cleaning" that you couldn't go in there without suffocating. Imagine having so much random kitsch that cleaning is just shifting the dust around. Yuck.


yeah maybe not, that doesnt sound fun at all


File: victorian room.jpeg (264.34 KB, 1200x686, 600:343, 1598385754140.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I think that having a lot of stuff in one space isnt bad, but having it be completely unmatching as well as in the way is a problem.
I also think a lot of the stupid stuff they did can be explained by them attempting to show off to their frens/show off their social status. They were probably trying to impress with all their "exotic" wares.
When its more like pic related, I personally think that its done in a better way. Yes there's a lot of stuff, but the color scheme and aesthetics fit well together and aren't suffocating the room.
Anyway idk if this is too serious of an answer for /sewers/ lel


I see a doorway that is completely blocked by dressers and I see an easy chair blocking the way to the right half of the bed. If this person didn't collect those urns, they could put their books on the mantle and there's be no need for that table. And what's with the one dining room chair? This is a person who has too much crap.


that's the secret passageway door, you're not supposed to see it


Then why put moulding around the frame? This bedroom makes no sense.

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