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That's it, sorry. Go post somewhere else. No, it won't ever resuscitate. Leave now


no u


Bitch, thats you.


dubs confirm that OP is a fag




22chan will not die, not yet.


good thing I'm a necrophiliac


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Dead?!! Anon how can we measure the death of the site? Anon help! And tell us how we can measure the amount of your faggotry while we're at it!


if we did have a funeral for 22chan what song would we play?


well keckin shid, if anon says it then it must be true.


that tombstone does look very official.
Y'know, when a body dies, a lot of the cells stay alive for a long time after. It doesn't all shut down at once. Maybe we are the last living cells in a dead body...


Anyway, yep, it's a joke. That's why I posted it in /sewers/. Thanks to the anons who took it as such
This thread was actually made in 2037, on another board during a 22chan downtime. However, due to a hardware bug of the quantum cpu of the server a micro-wormhole was formed which transferred this thread back into the past, here. But don't worry: 22chan has been down in the future before, but as long as twoot's son (twaat) will be alive and not broke the website will keep striving!


I could literally make that picture from scratch with blender in a couple minutes.
Actually, good idea. Thank you.


The problem (other than me being a complete n00b in image things) was that after I exported the image, the colours were messed up, they showed up differently in different programs. It was a mess to fix, screenshotting didn't help
Anyway have fun with blender. Maybe post here the result if you like


i lol'd


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If a body is a collection of cells, then it's not dead until the last cell dies. Well, actually, the body is dead after the second to last cell dies, then it's downgraded back to germ.


so, theoretically, if I waited until I was a single cell and turned into a germ then infected another person, would scientists be able to detect me and figure out my origin? could they develop a vaccine?


Quite difficult because, first of all, you would be unable to rationalize any of this seeing as your brain is now decomposing and dead. Second of all, as a single little germ, you will shrivel up and die within a short amount of time if you aren't able to thrive and multiply.


Literally all chans besides the big one are dead.
There is literally ZERO(0) reason to use any alt chan, unless you're b& from the real Chan


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You are probably meaning that the sheer amount of posts outweighs all the problems that a regular pornsite has?
Well let's have a look at it's core and keep the content generally aside for now:
>Hiroshima Nagasaki
You may be aware of the jewry that Hiro put up on his previously owned imageboards, rangebanning people and forcing people to buy passes so they could post at all. His schemes continue on in a regular pornsite, most of the things he does are aimed to please advertisers, that's why many significant changes have happened like a regular pornsite/4channel split, "racist" posts being b& and so on. This includes his pandering to normalfags, as seen most recently now that the site has 6 fucking video game boards, including a "mobile game" board. But that's nothing, relatively. Remember a regular pornsite vtuber contest? The conversation between Hiro and a normalfag furfag plebbitor in the main thread on /qa/?
>Can I tell all my plebbit frens hiro? (attached was an image of the furwatermelon addict and whatever other subplebbits he was in)
>Of course, the internet is free.
Need I say more? We will come back to this part soon.
>Dogshid moderation
The mods and jannies who keep everything in "order" to the point that advertisers don't have to worry about their ads being too close to anything that could "potentially be harmful". Hiro relies on getting ad shekels,so traffic that goes outside of the site to other places is considered harmful. An example for this is the a regular pornsite cup that's hosted on cytube, generally where ALL of the boards participate, yet for some reason organizing that is only allowed on /v/ if I recall correctly. So many people who wanted to organize a small thread to better get their team ready got fucking permabanned. One such person is Old Man Sou from /f/. The mods aren't too happy to see users moving away and having conversations elsewhere, so (by Hiro's orders) they have also deleted without banning the 4cc threads on the boards where it was presumed that they were allowed.
Continuing on this topic,
>Users, posts and their quality in 2020
Now we return to what I posted in the section about Hiroshimoot.
What kind of people today use a regular pornsite? You'll get a pretty wide range of subjects: anons from the early days of a regular pornsite, other moot-era anons and those who came after gookmoot arrived, edgy plebbitors who mostly sit in /pol/ and then leak into other boards, old people who somehow strayed into a regular pornsite from facebook, like they are found in /jp/; and the most flat out normalfags, as seen on /soc/ and /fa/.
That was only the first half of my point. Now let's ask the question:"Which one of these groups has the largest representatives?"
Yeah, the picture doesn't look so good now does it, if it looked good in the first place to you of course. It's full of edgy plebbit watermelon addicts who come to a regular pornsite and act edgy not maybe because that is their being, but that's what they think the site is about and they try to fit into there. They are edgy because others are edgy. It creates an avalanche effect, more and more watermelon addicts join in on the shidshow. Right after this group, there's people who generally can pledge their allegiance to a regular pornsite, anonymity and whatever little remains of the old ways of lifestyle on 4ch. Their numbers are becoming smaller every day as they get outnumbered by normalwatermelon addicts who keep growing in numbers due to the site being advertised into oblivion on every single platform of social media. Plebbit, Jewtube, Instafag, 9fag, you name it - it's got a regular pornsite posts and screenshots of 'em there. How long until we can say that "a regular pornsite is truly dead, it's just an edgy plebbit at this point"? When will that day come? Or has that day already passed us? I know the answer - that's why I moved to 22chan. The question in this case is more aimed directly at anons as individuals who have their own ideas and reasons to use 22 or any other alternative imageboard.
Many other altchans aren't a regular pornsite clones per se, but many things become clear that you will see how many altchans are [s4s] knock-offs. Some try to force into a certain era or vibe into their random shidshow but it's basically all the same, shidposting faggots who take themselves seriously while dismissing everyone else at the same time.
This is one of the very rare imageboards which has users who can focus on the meta aspects of the current situation in these corners of the internet, while being able to have fun at the same time, and it's also not plagued by the issues a regular pornsite has. Advertisers have no effect here, the staff is always open to discussions, and the userbase condemns the same normalfaggotry that killed a regular pornsite.
>The grand conclusion
Judging from your post, you are a shallow man, so I don't expect any of your needs going out of the bounds of needing to get a quick laugh from a ylyl thread or having enough porn material to jack off to, so I will not be surprised if you will dismiss all the problems with a regular pornsite that I've listed, simply because you don't care beyond your few vulgar needs.


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Cool gator. Are you in the gator gang?


File: spidergator.png (198.25 KB, 798x666, 133:111, 1597925544319.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I support both gatorgang and spidergang


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This reply was worth the five day wait.


The Spigator gang


mah spigga


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