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Report news and discuss itt!


In today's news, op is a faggot


>Man has four servings of pasta instead of one
How fucking awful! what a monster. i hope they lethally inject him for this, people like that should die. my cat's literally going to throw up right now


>go to beach with family for 4 of July
>a few white families scattered around here and there doing their thing, keeping to themselves
>2 separate ARMIES of mexicans camped out under portable canopies on opposite ends of the beach
>laughing, smiling, blasting mariachi on bluetooth speakers, grilling that sweet carne, being absolute chad lads
>as I drive away see another caravan of spics moving in
>four pickup trucks and three minivans
>think to myself, at this point mexicans are more american than most whiteys
>clown world honk honk


In, florida some madman drank a galon of tea and died. old story, but funny.


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Last one!
I bet you were waiting eagerly for the next article ';.-)


Where are these even coming from? who makes these?


what are you talking about, it's just the news. Nobody "makes" the news, but the media capitalizes on it. What is this conspiracy crap?


>dat url
technology is scary TдT

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