/sewers/ - What is worse, Tumblr or plebbit?Like yeah, they're both cesspools of garbage, but what is worse?

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What is worse, Tumblr or plebbit?
Like yeah, they're both cesspools of garbage, but what is worse?


YouTube comments section


nah, youtube comment sections pretty good though.


i know plebbit is bad, but i don't know the full story. tumblr on the other hand is a complete cesspit back in the day and now. self contained degeneracy normalized. i think there was a youtube channel called common filth and that's where i saw pure unfiltered hell, just awful shid.
(as far as i can tell, the videos in the channel got b&, so no one will know how evil tumblr really was)
its like a sick and twisted version of a regular pornsite
Anonymous is just namefags gossiping behind eachothers back, saying terrible things about eachother,
in a regular pornsite, degeneracy is mocked like everything else, but in tumblr its celebrated,
vandetta fags hunting people down irl and wrecking innocent people's life.
the list goes on and on. thank god tumblr's dying out.


there's a archive of common filth heres a link if you want to see it
not sure if it has the tumblr vids tho im gonna have to find that out


it does have the tumblr vids


Oy, lads i found the jackpot, there's a archive channel.
Now that we got that out of the way, can someone tell me the story of plebbit, or simpily redirect me to sonewhere where i can learn the full story, i know its idiotic, and filled with literal snowflakes, but i can't find any lore on how it got that way.


>how it got that way
it was always like that


also trips get


There is no lore behind plebbit's condition. It was designed to be precisely what it is now. Popular ideas are rewarded, controversial ones either fade away without discussion or are actively moderated against. The more karma you have, the greater voice and freedom of posting you get. And how do you get karma? By getting upvotes/exposure. And you get that by posting the least controversial opinions, the easiest to swallow faux-redpills, the most pandering art. This quickly forms a power imbalance, where "rich" karma easily beats out and suppresses "poor" karma. You know what happens then? What could it be, other than outright content theft? It's a rampant problem on plebbit. You get these big mega accounts that do nothing but steal content from small subplebbits and poor users and repost them to the mega subplebbits for truly massive profit. That is what works, it gets you internet points. And it's precisely what the folks in charge want, it's an easily-controlled populous, where stepping out of line will get you lynched by your fans and b& by your higher-ups. A populous that shows appreciation by shelling out the big bucks so some comment they like gets a little gold button next to it.
You can't just farm karma early on and then start posting real redpills or anything like that, you'll be dropped like a hot potato. And if anything in your user history turns out controversial, someone will find it and get you torn down in the blink of an eye. To be successful on plebbit you have to be entirely committed to the masses. You have no choice but to be an instrument of ignorant bliss, a symbol of humanity's greatest failures.


And what kind of users does this attract? This lovely little bubble with many smaller bubbles within, where random strangers will suck up to you in hopes of receiving karma? You get softies, little children and eventually big children. You get the absolute worst we can offer as a species, who go on to have such phenomenal influence and such incredible numbers that they pull in internet newfags like a black hole. We're talking high school kids, lost souls that feel disenfranchised and like they don't have any frens. And they see these rich accounts, with their mountains of meaningless karma and their myriad fans and they admire them and even start to envy them. They fully embrace the cesspool, and adopt the view that majority rules, more is better, do not offend anybody or you will be chased out as a danger to the herd.
This is purely the community aspect. I could get into plebbit's connections to Chinese censorship, or the way it serves as a launching platform for many harmful psychological operations. I would prefer if you do your own research into those, you would learn more that way.
Tell me, does all this sound like a healthy community? A place that should be admired or at least tolerated? Do you see why plebbit is so despised now? There are few events and fewer people that you can point to as "lore" behind why plebbit turned out the way it is, because as I said before it is precisely what it is meant to be. plebbit is a success.


Very wise words indeed. i read >>>/yu/1284 that "plebbit was engineered this way", but this gives a proper, detailed rant on how that site works. thank's for the lead about plebbit and the chinese goverment.


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Interesting to me and tangentially related, it's neat how certain designs attract certain kinds of users.


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also related. supprisingly woke tumblr for some reason.


As someone who's seen both sides, I can say that this is 100% accurate. On Tumblr, people literally crawl out of the woodwork with 5 frens to yell at you for posting a picture of an insect without a trigger warning. They just appear, they don't follow you and you don't follow them. I wouldn't be surprised if they just go around looking for potentially triggering posts.


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this post triggers me


>two morons having a witless tennis match of words while everyone else goads them on for the sake of entertainment
lol, this. Probably the thing I miss most since I stopped browsing speedy IBs


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Snapchat is baaaaaad


context nigga pls


i hate it when it happens like the urban dictionary guy or people talking about alt-imageboard drama. its like we're expected to know, or already know what their talking about


of cource, what i forgot to mention is that they fuck off after dumping shid without providing context so either they want us to fight their war for them, or tie us in so we get fucked over somehow.


i think i can understand whats it about. so as far as i get it, the fatso took a pic of the backpack lad in an attempt to shame him, but the apparent femishid dislikes getting shamed him/her/xer/nig/ger -self for being a cubicmetre of lard, so its a play on irony illustrating the fatfag's self contradiction.
but the whole picture and post thing is just out of place.
i still cant understand what does "snapchat is bad" have to do with the pic.


Take it easy, geez. Read >>2488, it lays out what exactly the photo is showing. The point is that this isn't a particularly unusual thing on snapchat. Ridiculing complete strangers for trivial bullshid while being a thoroughly undesirable individual is almost the norm. It's the equivalent of the laundromat where all the women go to gossip, except they can share pictures and dodge the irs


reminds me of the times when anons used to report sluts to the irs for selling nudes. good times. (even though it wasnt that long ago)


thank's for the context.what doen't help the the illusion that its encryped and stuff you post gets deleted when actuality it gets stored in a database that hackers, or feds easily have access to. its a bizarro imageboard for normalfags. its the feeling of being anonymous without actually being anonymous, so people do stupid shid all the time like this, and either they get caught, they act like edgy bitches, or they get info leaked on a regular basis


thot audit
funny times


still supprised that some of these watermelon addicts who still use thise sites are actually aware of that kind of thing


Tumblr is still useful for following artists or projects you're interested in. A lot of them have fled the scene by now, but there are stragglers. The (truly) creative side of Tumblr is in its death throws.


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It makes me sad when plebbitors think they're like the real final boss of the internet or something. I want to grab them all by the shoulders and scream my rancid dorito breath all over them "that one time you all jacked each other off over how much you hate Youtube didn't actually do anything"
plebbit thinks mass outrage contained within the site is a win on its own.


I don't know why you guys give too much of a fuck about plebbit, just go there grab the info or links you need and get out, it's easy really, just don't use it for arguments. i said this before but plebbit is useful as an archive for info and links but absolutely trash when it comes to actual conversations. Never used tunbler so don't know what it is about.


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They care about it because all the watermelon addicts from plebbit come over here and post normalfag shide.


Because sometimes it's fun to give a fuck. You see a small dog, you get an urge to punt it across a 5-lane highway at rush hour. That's just how it is. Especially if said dog has a tapeworm hanging out of its ass and frequently tries to maul your kids.


That is the best thing I've ever read on this entire thread.


Sorta this. Plebbit is a place for watermelon addicts but there's no point in circejerking about how bad it is.


On that note, it's quite ironic how the people complain about plebbit circle jerking, but in doing so, it turns into a circle jerk making their point completely worthless.


Ey mate, I don't mean to steal your thunder or nothing since it looks like you're having a swell old time, but there's more to a circlejerk than agreeing on a certain point.


This desu. The thread so far has been illustrating what plebbit is, how it got that way (or how it was made like it) and the main negative points, the positive was said by >>2545 and that's about it. A circlejerk mostly has one opinion (kinda like this thread) BUT circlejerks denounce all other opinions and facts, and will go an additional mile to defame whoever said the "controversial" opinion.


>will go an additional mile to defame whoever said the "controversial" opinion.
Yeah, that's how plebbit works, if your opinion is controversial, you'll get downboated into oblivion and your post will never see the light of day.


>will go the extra mile to be contrarian yet fails to present an argument


plebbit is stuck in the same mindset as a regular pornsite.
Disagreeing with the masses without actually presenting any proper argument, being (((edgy))) for the sake of being edgy because they think edgy = the large funny haha.
That's where the normalfags fail to understand the ways of sites like 22chan, they don't understand that we aren't saying shid just to be saying it, we don't try to be edgy and we don't disagree with everything the masses says because "if a lot of people think a certain way that means it's wrong."


How would facebook fit into this comparison?


Honestly, I feel like it's a different situation, because it's just old people being old people and having old people senses of humor.


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perhaps the subject should be changed to how facebook fit into this back in the day. facebook is just the old-age gaystation. a watermelon addict on a podcast i don't remember the name of said : >"Man that shid was lit af! back around when i was in collage when it was first made, it like i saw the world in 2d."
>"then my fren told me i was missing out on crazy shid and i need to go make a facebook account, and everything changed for me! we all thought this girl was one of those christians, nice girl, innocent, and next thing you know she's flashing her tits! crazy ass shid like this one guy who was fucking other girls besides his girlfren in the other dorms and crazy flamewars..."
the only issue with the gaystation annalogy is that it's difficult to find groups and servers, vs facecuck where anyone can easily look up "dank meme group" or whatever, and unlike facebook you can go through the web browser version of gaystation and just use a throwaway password and make a fake account, it'll just keep reminding you through a popup to vertify your account with an email.


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but just like gaystation, its locked behind closed doors so you can't see anything without having an account. making circlejerk groups, attacking websites, stealing content from other sites all under the guise of anonimity. facebook actually did the content stealing stuff before plebbit. but it was actually because of newfags on a regular pornsite that made faggotcuck accounts. the newfags posted a regular pornsite in-jokes to either express some type of supperiority, as a way to fuck with the normalfags, or because it was lol so funni lets spread it everywhere. and of course they picked it up. 4channers used mfw/tfw, the qoute arrow">", the "when you" picardia meme, lolcats and other shid and shat it into what is now called memes. it merged into "relatable" memes and "reaction" memes. and it hit mainstreme when in 2010 hottopic made meme shirts and put it up for sale. it was too late. thank's 4cuck and facebook, your always good at making good shid and then ruining things. i'm not saying plebbit isn't held accountable, but when one thing starts doing something, others follow.


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TLDR autistic newfags made meme culture on facebook



Wait, didnt him one of the creators of Prequel?


There is nothing wrong with either site that isn't wrong with the internet as a whole, including this site.


what are the issues that you are seeing?


a regular pornsite was designed to be toxic.
a regular pornsite was designed as an anonymous board, filled with sections for controversy, sex and adult images. Theres was no moderation, no protection and importantly - was patterned after 2chan, an already-existing Japanese board that had a reputation for high toxicity. It attracted an infantile segment of the Internet audience (including myself, so I say that lovingly.) The board I frequented was mostly pictures people wanted to share.
As a regular pornsite grew in popularity, the in-jokes formed, many of which were grotesque and not at all funny, like Pedobear, and the jokes became grimmer and grimmer.
In the late 2000s, a regular pornsite started to run panels at conventions. I was working security for a major convention (and had, by that time, been hated on by a regular pornsite by name twice, a high honor in those days) so I and my frens volunteered to watch the panel.
It was like listening to the grunting of animals. The person at the head of a the room would shriek or grunt and the people in the audience would shriek or grunt in response. I could not make head nor tails of much of what was said, it was already bound by so much in-group jargon. The audience was mostly men.
That was my last experience with a regular pornsite. The board I used to frequent still exists, I no longer visit. They hated on me once more by name but even the residents of that board were tired of it, which was funny.
Then Anonymous happened. This audience of mostly men, primed to call-and-response like a church congregation or a team oran army, flocked to be chaotic neutral, but ended up being shidboxes because chaotic neutral is not neutral, DUH. Causing chaos means peoples lives will be disrupted. The alt-right siphoned the worst of this nascent army off and the rest got taken down relatively quickly. Whats left is a little corner of the Internet that is still filled with dank memes and the boards where people basically still just post art of animu and stuff that they like. And filled with late-comers who believe being rude to other people makes them cool.


The comments section on animu piracy sites like KissAnime can be very low-iq.


that's an accurate assessment. part of the issue is that the userbase misinterpreded what the site meant. the amount of senpais rised over the amount of newfags, and they assumed how the site worked i.e being edgy for no reason, b is random and there is no rules, post gore and porn, /v/ is to be angry and shid on people about politics and vidya ect.


>being edgy for no reason
holy shid, this. it's pretty much what most of the internet has become now. irony, nihilism and rudeness forming together the portrait of a regular edgy normalfag.


This is what the latest normalfag trend is for (((memes))).
Incoherent "ironic" garbage, sometimes with slight whiffs of early 2000s internet like Scooter's techno songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Nga8KC-ps


For a while I thought both pictures were of the same person. Took me almost 2 months to figure out the second one is a woman.


So, here's an issue i'm seeing. There's this fundemental flaw in the way we view these sites. they aren't nor shouldn't be made to be this big site that everybody goes to. we should have several sites and several versions of those sites that fit our needs, and we shouldn't want sites like plebbit to dissapear.
Lets say, i like 22chan. its my favorite site ever. but sewers bugs me. i want nudity, i want rauncy jokes, instead of me begging 22chan to change, i should find a site that's just like the sewers of my dreams. doesnt mean i should stop posting on 22chan, its just i needed to find an alternitive of sewers.
Now, lets say i hate plebbit, and i want it gone. "poof" gone with a flash. now what? where do all the users go? oh yeah they flood my favorite site. does that sound good? i mean the cia keeps honeypots or just clearnet pedo sites up for a reason, wouldnt you want a place to "keep watch" of pedos? same thing. make an alt that fite yours and others needs, find an alt, find a place as an anon said "goes with the taste of your flow" why do you think there's so many dating sites? one reason plebbit became bad is that it never should have became big in the first place. there never where anough mods to deal with problems, and ama's where absolute hell to run. if it was smaller, it wouldnt have been an issue in the first place. there was this science thing about over population, like filling a cup too much, and the water pours out, or where there's a group of cows and they eat too much grass and a good chunk dies out untill more grass grows. a regular pornsite was made to discuss niche topics, and had a userbase that thought a certian way. japanese culture and american culture mixing. absurdist humor. everythings fine untill the population grows and they loose sight on what makes a regular pornsite, a regular pornsite. the mods and jannies try to keep things steady, but the population thinks that the mods are gay, and sure anough, it becomes true. if 22chan shrinks in population, we die, but if we grow way too big, we die. people will find this site every now and then, and some times we should let things settle. but if it shrinks too much to where we get several posts per month, then advertizements on the right sites should be made. but lets say in the future we grow too big, then some type of buffer should be put in place, like a timer set in place like livechan, but instead of waiting several seconds, waiting around a minute, or "22chan off days" like those weird text boards that you have to wait to post on certian days, or something like that. you get the idea.

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