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Ejaculating my laughter in a in a rude, uproarious manner
I see my cunning and devilish plan to discombobulate your anal cavity proceeded as planned, for i has coaxed you into a snafu.
I shall now qoute your clause inorder to establish my dominince forth-hence:
>good sir, you have enraged my sexual organs so, this is an outrage!

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now


Have you experinced misfortune due to my uncouth disruptions?


More like a good laugh, got my Guitar, thx for the fortune.


I believe you have fallen prey to my humorious decption. seemingly your inteligence fled down hill, for you had yet to decipher my anarchist activitiy. Truely awesome bamboozlement by my part.


File: c2e.png (23.6 KB, 807x598, 807:598, 1586578677487.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Fellow compatriot, here is a humorious, popular picture showing my confusement, or general distrust due to your activitiy.


Moderators are homosexual deviants, janitors are basement-dwellers, and should self-copulate fervently.


Is this the famous internet terrorist i've heard so much of?

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