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This "Ahmaud Arbery" case seems to be another race-war op, following other recent "white nationalist" terror hoaxes. First of all, it took place on the 23rd of February, despite the fact that nobody heard about this event until now. I've heard about a (fake) terror threat involving "neo-Nazis" spreading the coronavirus and bombing a hospital before I ever heard of this. Typically events like this are reported as soon as they happen. I assume as virus fearmongering was still at its peak, they didn't have time to easily fit in a hoax attack, so they made one up as it's coming to a close. 23/2 is another shady date: in the traditional 365 month year, there are 311 days left. Of course, it's another example of numbers that multiply together into 33, like the Winnenden school shooting (which was already foreshadowed on Krautchan hours before it happened, admittedly not by the supposed perpetrator itself) taking place on the 11th of March, also rendered 3/11 in the USA. See also other fake events taking place on the 23rd day, namely July, also see the so-called "923 prophecy" from 2017. The shooters, Travis and Greg have the last name "McMichael". Not a fraudulent surname, but do take the initials of it into account: MM, another marker for fake events/people.


*supposedly took place, since the video evidence is itself shady and comes off as an act.
Ahmaud Arbery, right.. With a Muslim name it looks like he came out of the Nation of Islam, Moorish science temple, Nuawabian Nation, or other black supremacist spook fronts (all of which have their roots in Shriner freemasonry and British intelligence), more-specifically, it's that he likely has ties to Farrakhan, who's actually part-jewish. Onto the attack itself, there's a video online detailing it. Unlike spook ops like Christchurch (partially hidden to give an illusion of censorship), this video of the entire quarrel is straight-up staying online on jewtube, suggesting of course that nobody actually died in the scene.
The whole video screams a fake crisis act: Arbery smashes a window, and when he's pursued by these armed men in a truck, he chooses to run towards them and try to fight them with his bare hands? Negroids are stupid, but even then, they act on instinct. After fighting with them, he's apparently shot, but doesn't actually fall down. He continues to jog for some reason instead of continuing the quarrel, and later falls down, supposedly fainting.
This obviously suggests that the event is used to sow a massive rebellion among negroids against whites in North America.
it seems to also cater to the pawns of faux-nationalists. This event is already being legitimised on other /pol/ boards as some sort of "heroic lynching" done by whites against blacks for a certain reason: that in this supposed event, Arbery had broken into a construction site with a hammer, minutes after a report of a burglary and was later lynched because of that:


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very journalistic research on your part op. nice work! the question is, why didnt the media question the fact that he had terrible mental health issues? he was also a convicted criminal, he tried to rob the construction site and was running away from the crime scene too. then when he confronted those guys, he grabbed at the godamn shotgun and tried to yank it out the guys hand. also, why not tell the story back in feburary? the media loves to do the "whitey bad he shot poor blak man" thing, why wait untill now? everything seems fishy. why did youtube have the shooting video first, why wasnt it taken down for violent content like they always do?


Was this "Ahmaud Arbery" even a real person and not just another made-up character that only exists in the media, to give blacks an even bigger victim complex (and thus cause them to fight against whites)? There's clearly aspects of him that cater both to koshervatives and to kosher-leftists/black supremacists, and he's been supposedly shot around the same time black supremacism seems to be rising (even Farrakhan alluded to a black v. white race war, which is why I mentioned him earlier).
By the way, Arbery's full name is even more suspicious. "Ahmaud Marquez Arbery". So there's an Arab first name (likely a reference to the NOI/black supremacists often choosing those names) and an English last name, but for some reason there's a Spanish middle name being shoehorned in there? Who exactly is this person supposed to be?
>Like to fix on this part, anyone can be the best if they don't judge by race, and just treat each other like what we want to be treated like.
That's been tried before, but it can only really be tried from one side (the white side in our case, with influence of a certain provocative middleman) whereas the other side doesn't forget their history, and because of that it's only now resulting in European culture being destroyed and eroded at a much faster rate than ever before (seeing as this judeo-negrified culture is forced on modern western society, see blindly consuming social media trends, hip-hop and taking pride in having such low comprehension and vocabulary), and blacks being obnoxious towards whites. Differences in racial character simply cannot be denied, since it's a scientific fact, and tribalism is just a basic part of mankind's history and racial biology.


"Ahmaud Arbery" = Armed Robbery
I'm not saying that to be funny, I think that's the joke purposely planted in the name. Especially since it's become a meme on 4chan.


does anyone know about the gunmen? what's their story?


They seem to be more ghost characters with even less backstory. "Greg McMichael" was a former police investigator.
So why are you here then other to deliberately sabotage the thread? You're essentially turning this thread into a discussion of cosmopolitanism, shilling against "culture crap" and pushing multiculturalism redirecting from the truth of racial biology and more importantly deliberately redirecting from the fraudulent nature of this supposed event.
>ThAtS 4kUn YOU NiGgeR
You're not proving your point since typing in this specific retarded manner is common among actual jewish shills, since it's another judeo-negroid trend that originated among blacks in social media.
This notion shouldn't be ignored, because when a board is a small community, it just makes it easier for trolls or shills with a malicious intent to shit up a thread and make the site unusable; the only saving grace is that 22chan, unlike 4chan at least has rules against porn, homosexuals, and off-topic replies in particular (which e1922f6 is doing).
And here you openly admit to derailing the thread.


Apparently a negroid named "Rashawn Smith" was arrested for making fake threats against Arbery supporters. Go figure, yet again.
They admit it's fake, but who knows the real source behind these fake threats. It's probably not just Facebook but all social media/forums that are infested with shills on a faux "right-wing" side in this case. On 4chan in particular, they're pushing this retarded "jooger" meme, yet another variant of the already 2 year old "-oomer" meme.


Apparently this coincides with more fake events involving black "joggers". Here's an obvious fake one:
A 17 year old policeman named David Cohen (not even subtle) supposedly shot a black jogger who threw a rock at a window. The whole event nearly mirrors the Arbery event, the jogger even running towards the policeman. It took place in Montgomery county Maryland. Right after this, a black jogger from Delaware supposedly killed two elderly women, also in Maryland.


Blacks aren't really known for jogging. I've seen white joggers, Asian joggers, various brown joggers, but hardly ever black joggers.


Natural selection dude, this has been happening for generations. Jogging is a disadvantageous trait for black people. That's why it isn't very common anymore.


>News of the report comes as the GBI says it will be looking into possible prosecutorial misconduct by two district attorneys who recused themselves, citing links to the McMichaels, according to a news release. State Attorney General Chris Carr requested the investigation, the bureau said.
What links to the McMichaels exactly? That's just mentioned and conveniently never talked of in detail.
>After Carr appointed Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden as the third prosecutor in the case, Durden said he had "neither previous knowledge of the incident nor any relationship with any investigators or witnesses."
Probably because it never happened and wasn't even fully fabricated back when it supposedly did happen? There are supposed attorneys with ties to the McMichaels but others don't even know it happened? They're essentially admitting the whole case is a hoax.
>He has now asked to step down, and the case was reassigned to Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes, Carr said.
>The Arbery family is pleased with the appointment, attorneys S. Lee Merritt and L. Chris Stewart said.
Joyette Holmes, huh? Same initials and surname as the supposed Batman shooter James Holmes? Go figure.


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i found this


Whether it's legal or not (which is already giving blacks more victimhood anyways), that image ignores the fraudulent "death" of whoever Arbery is supposed to be in the video. The black man in that video clearly isn't actually hurt, he runs and falls down after two gunshots, no signs of whoever it is actually getting hurt. Plus, nobody actually tries to run after two armed men clearly chasing you in a trick, and take their shotgun, especially when they're in a truck and already have shot, showing that he likely knew it's fake.

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