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What are 22chan's thoughts on NP (the nigger problem)?


I'm assuming you are a newcomer, and haven't seen the other threads on our /pol/ so let me explain the general opinion of the people (so far)
Fuck niggers
Fuck kikes
Fuck jews
Fuck rosties
but, there is a gap where GOOD people exist, black people who are educated, jew's who are not (((((jews))))) aka, people who dont sucscribe to the steriotype. And those are the people who are good.


nigga you don't get to speak for me, anonymous ain't one person


I speak for you dammit
saged and downvoted


Oh shit it changed my id


nuh-uh motherfucker, I am an independent being and I will think whatever I like about niggas


Independent anon who dont need no man


Its not general opinon
whats the fucking word dammit
there's another word to describe it


I dont know, oh well
how do you feel about niggers anyway


i am a nigger and you >>832 are insulting me
i have nignogged throughout all of my life and ill continue to do so and theres nothing you can do about it
also the words you anon above me are looking for probably are "common thought"?
niggety nog


I grant you the title of king nigger


alas, you do not know that i already have once been king nigger.
i shall never forget the time i got this honorary title


btw why do you space out your posts like that, really fucking weird nigga tbh desu


to whom are you addressing the question anon

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