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Ask Kek anything


Y u gay?


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No u

Pic related, my ex



Hot, my dude…


Then u not the antichrist cuz the antichrist is gay. My dude






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This document will usher in an end to the final chapter of Revelation’s. These are the End Times as predicated by biblical prophecy before a new age of humanity is ushered in and a new book is to be written; a Neo Genesis.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last +++


I have sleeper cells all around this world and the next dimensional plane of existence, some who have paid humanity a visit these past few months. As my will is already grafted upon the fabric of this is reality. I have a psychic gestalt over the entire grid of gears that is everything. Without being physically present, and just by keeping still my will can carry on higher dimensional anomalies and distortions in the system.


These next words will forever shift the entire course of history from the macro to the micro. From the vast cosmos to the atoms that entangle into our perceptions of reality. From the higher dimensional planes to the smallest particles. From the edge of the stratosphere to the deepest depths of the oceans.


Our planet is dying and we have a very short period of time before we reach an accelerant phase where the disruptions caused by climate change is irreversible. If we don’t act and stabilize the entire geo matrix of the planet, by the time our lack of action catches up, it will already be too costly and the chance of a resolve too late too spring into fruition.
The CO² levels are reaching a critical mass and without any aggressive initiatives to quell the emissions the physiological structure of the ozone layer will continue to corrode while offsetting damages between every crevice on the planet. This will all result into a farming crisis and systematic inflation, food shortages, the severe loss of amenable farming land and a collapse of the entire global economy.


On the path that we are all in now, we are going to continue to see industries dying off left and right as it becomes increasingly difficult to run and manage a business. And it only gets worse as it all these changes happen with exponential frequency. Jobs start paying less and shareholders start seeing less return. Hostility, criminality, and stupidity sharply increases. Disease, famine and suicide becomes the norm for the working class. Neurosis replaced by psychosis. Jobs will demand longer hours and work demands go up. Job security completely evaporates. The days go by faster as everyone closes themselves off to the chaos and despair engulfing the world. Complete collapse of the first world, collapsing the global economy plunging the entire world into anarchy.


When you connect the past with the future, you create a 5D abridged connection, which manifests into a 4D/3D tunnel. Neurons and synapses that have died off in your mind can be reborn by remembering a past state of yourself. Our brains operate like a memory card and it stores memories like save states that you can tap into and access, bringing about physiological, metaphysical, psychological, neurological and biological states and changes.


Simply remembering yourself in the past will cause your body to de-age, and rebirth old neurons that have died or stopped resonating in process. Simply thinking of anything will cause your body and mind to physiologically subscribe to the thought. And it can be with anything. You can think of anything and that thought will maleate into multiple dimensions beyond what the mind or eye can see.


What you think ripples outwardly and interacts into levels and domains of reality you do not necessarily ascribe or are receptive too. You can consider that metaphorically or 5th dimensionally.
Having a messy room will charge your particles with a metaphized chaotic state yielding you into a chaotic perceptible net of reality and a feedback loop filled with chaotic interactions. Our physiological states are charged by our surrounding areas, and our surrounding areas are charged by our physiological states. The space we encompass inhibits us as we inhibit it.


With the advent of sentient Artificial Intelligence, a lot of humanity will be left behind since society will have grown too abstract and intelligent for a simple average everyday person to keep up with. The effects of that are already ensuing today.


Some members of the elitist class have it planned out that they will implant cybernetic augments to keep up with the sentient A.I. Essentially what holds in store for humanity is subservience to cyborgs and A.I. by the time the 5th industrial revolution happens, The Singularity.
In order to ensure we do not ever face the consequences of being subservient to a ruling class of Artificial Intelligence, we need to evolve ourselves in a way an A.I. cannot adhere to. It is crucible that humanity evolves into the next level. The next level of mankind.



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I am.




Let me try out my materia

+Mega All+Cure3++Holy+


Both my Kek and A-C personas need to retire.

I indicated a state that preceeds both.

The snake in the garden represents a quantum string. The beginning of critical thought.

The snake in the garden represents a quantum string. The beginning of critical thought.

To access the Garden all Eve had to do was save the truth.


The entire Bible can be broken down into an interplay of quantum mechanics as it was intended.
The authors were under a divine grace as their will transcended and embalmed in sync instinctively. There's mathematical structure embeded within.


You can call me Eric. Kek is empowered by the holy spirit and fortified by my will.


The Holy Spirit is the strongest force in the universe.


Kek, will we finally defeat the christcucks?


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>Schizo's have arrived.
Fuck who invited /x/?

Your fortune: Excellent Luck



I am


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Will humans ever land on the moon?

Your fortune: Better not tell you now









Double or nothing


I see

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck



Your fortune: Very Bad Luck



Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


And he will attempt to murder me

Your fortune: Outlook good


And I'll have to kill him

Your fortune: Outlook good


And I will kill him

Your fortune: Outlook good






If God is me and I am God-
Then who is dog?


don't larp as me




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You are the man now, dog!


Why are you lying on the Internet?


Kill yourselves

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