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I can't acces 8chan, did they baned it in germany or is it down? the strangest part is that when I wanted to make a thread about it in 4chan it was marked as spam even though no one is posting about 8chan.


slowpoke, read >>>/b/3235


8chan has been a banned word on 4chan practically since its creation and the site itself is being denied hosting by Cloudflare due to a lack of hate speech moderation which resulted in the murders of close to (over?) 100 people.


4chan down too as of now.



the US doesn't really have hate speech laws like that. Inciting violence is illegal but not the sort of stuff that gets mostly posted on chans about racism and whatever. I didn't follow that stuff because I don't browse /pol/ or give a shit about the news anymore, but it must have had some other justification than hate speech.


4chan is gone now too


4chan is still up for me.


It's all over the news and 8ch's own twitter. You don't have to take my word for it. You can just look it up.

And, no, the US does not have laws against hate speech. It's actually protected under the constitution. What IS illegal though is either running or hosting a terror cell which, given the repeated incidents over such a short timespan, certain boards on 8ch can be interpreted as. Even still, it wasn't the govt that shut it down. It was Cloudflare. Free speech is not protected if you use someone else's "house" as your platform.


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I fucking wish 8chan would come back, there are tons of shit happening right now and there's nowhere to post with that amount of traction


Cloudflare took it down due to the shootings. It'll be back september the 5th.


They also took down encyclopedia dramatica and a ton of other sites they hosted.


God I hope so, I really fucked up and forgot to save so much back when I had the chance.


they should stop using cloudflare to be honest




neva coming back


Its revived as 8kun


It's already here?
As far as we now for today, it's just a promise


Yes, and no.
The servers are down for devlopment
But the site does excist


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8chan won't be back. The name has too much baggage to go with it. Either 8kun will work through some sort of divine intervention or they'll have to rebuild everything from the start- even then, I've found much better altchans to use in its absence so I might not even be going back.


Personally, I won't be going back to 8chan/8kun because there are better imageboards now and 8kun will be filled with "fellow anons" who glow in the dark..


>Better imageboards
Other than here, fucking where?
16gag and nein and other chan's in the alt Chan federation are jumping to try and take 8kun down for the traffic, quite a lot of chans in the Alt Chan federation (now the Alt Chan alliance) are doing this.
The alt Chan federation were exposed in the past for Dividing up communities and doing some reddit pewdiepie shill operation in a way to get more users (probably why they changed the name)
The alt Chan alliance consists of freech, 16chan, 3Dchan, Oneechan, Spacechan, Xchan and formerly N_in_chan.


>fucking where
Yeah, even if you look at whatever list of imageboards, like EDs list of chans a good chunk of imageboards are dead. I mean, chen2s cool, but not a lot of people go there. Sushigirl.us is another comfy board, but again, a very dwindling population. I honstly hope 22chan lasts for a long time. (Not trying to shill these boards, i found them on ED.) So many boards are being born and than dying.


Holy shit, ED is dead! the guy who pays the Bills got arrested for fraud and the site is down. The people who run ED said on twitter and facebook that it might be down permanently. RIP


If true that's a massive loss. Maybe even bigger than 8chan. What's the world coming to?


Truly tragic. >>798 -kun.
A moment of silence for ed.
Type æ for respect.
I wouldn't have found 22chan if it wasn't for ed.
So much stuff that should have been archived and saved, and i wish i could have saved the script kiddie stuff. Damn the world and the normalniggers that live in it!




Cant they just gat a new guy to pay the bills?


well, not exactly,
it's gonna be down until he gets released from prison


Ok, so let's say the guy get's out of prison.
If the site comes back
That's the mistake i made, and i'm not going to make it again


What happened to the CWCKI? Is that down too?


works on my machine



Well, kinda back
Maybe in 2 weeks


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who the fuck even cares about nienchan

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