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Since it is a new year and last year's news thread was dominated by the US this deserves its own thread.
While Vice President Kamala Harris is in the White House being crazy Joe Biden is playing Mario Cart.
In a CNN town hall, Biden made a funny gaffe.
Trump is apparently the only former president to not call Joe Biden.
90-Year-Old women walked through the snow to get the COVID vaccine.
Cuckservative Lindsey Graham wants Trump's help to regain the GOP senate majority. This sounds good on paper but he goes on to praise Mcconnell who has nothing of value while the left makes the country worse. Let's not forget Graham used the events of January 6 to not defend Trump.
Trump bashes Mcconnell in a press statement. Please read the statement yourself because it is very satisfying and funny. One great part of it was that Trump has vowed to support America First candidate rather than the establishment.
Kamala Harris is already making presidential calls in place of Biden.
Despite Trump "losing a fair and square" he remains the most popular candidate for 2024.
In order to make this thread more interactive, it may be interesting to point out patterns that the news articles show. For example, if Biden makes a gaffe it would be fun the count how many times he does make a gaffe. The Jewish lobby/influence on politics is also a good example of a pattern that echoes in politics. It is important to be aware of patterns because the media constantly lies and the truth can only be found if you inquire about topics. For example in 2019 Trump was called out by CNN for saying windmills are dangerous, but now more environmental power sources are screwing over Texas. What patterns do you see on the news anon? News like history echos so please point out patterns.


rush limbaugh died at age 70, everybody talked shit about him.


The Russian foreign minister bashes America about how Biden is treating political dissent. The goal of this statement was to point out America's hypocrisy. America bashes Russia for being tough on dissent while they do the same and claim to be a free country.
Trump has elaborated on his statement on Mitch McConnell in a Newsmax interview saying politicians like Mitch are too soft on Democrats and should spend more time attacking Democrats rather than fellow Republicans.
A New York Waitress has been terminated for not getting the Covid vaccine. Bonnie Jacobson who wants to have a kid declined to take the vaccine and was fired.
Yahoo and the MSM are whining about how minority communities are suffering in the Texas outages. What they are ignoring is that this wouldn't happen if mass immigration was not occurring. If we did not import people White people's existence would not be inflicting as much damage in the mind of Leftists.
In a leaked video Mark Zuckerberg states he will not get the covid vaccine.
>everybody talked shit about him.
Yeah if you are on echo chambers like Twitter. That is symptomatic of how irreconcilable the difference between the two ideologies. People thinking two completely different things is not a good sign. This is why talks of balkanization are gaining steam.


More evidence of voter fraud is still being uncovered. In Fairfax County, there were five ballot drops where Biden won in an 80/20 ratio of the votes. The margin of victory was significantly larger for the Democrats to the point that it is fishy at the very least.
California school board members insult parents who want kids to go to school in person. Members of this group basically call the parents entitled and says “I totally hear that, because my brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana, and the clientele were parents with their kids in school,” he said, causing members to burst out in laughter. “When you’ve got your kids at home, no more [smoking weed]!”
Chicago is thinking about removing statues of people including Washington, Lincoln, Grant, etc.


Biden covid adviser is unable to elaborate how florida and california aren't handling covid very well, dispite california having more draconian policies and florida being it's direct opposite. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9272929/Biden-COVID-adviser-explain-closed-California-isnt-doing-better-open-Florida.html


Breaking news, gators are strong and their hearts are even stronger : https://phys.org/news/2021-02-alligator-hearts.html This is real news and it is political.



The Biden is continuing the Democrat strategy of weaponizing institutions against dissent. Project Chokepoint seeks to openly discriminate against people the Biden administration doesn't like. For example during the Obama administration gun manufacturers lost access to doing business with a bank. It is only worse now because social media has grown since Obama was in office and it is obvious which side they are on.
Here is some information regarding diversity training in the Coca-Cola company. It is basically telling white people that they can only be good if they shut up and be a good slave to the whims of nonwhites.
In Tennessee, there is a proposed state law by Mark Pody to give the father a say in abortions.


Houce dems introduced a bill that will prevent twice impeached presidents from burial at arlington national cemetery, and federal funds from going to buildings displaying their names, or acknowledging their achievements


Symbolically they are trying to make it look horrible for Trump. The good news though is with actions like this, they are making the traditionally flag waving Conservatives lose faith. As these Conservatives lose faith in the US institutions they will scoff and mock silly operations like this. One other thing only two presidents are buried in Arlington: Kennedy and Taft. I also don't think Trump cares to be buried there. He was never in the military and he was not a warmonger as president.


>Coka cola
So first they go on twitter sperging about how trump needs to be impeached, Then they make that racist propaganda video they force their employees to watch? These companies have too much power and influence. Guess it's a good thing i don't really drink soda anymore.


They are based in Atlanta. Look at the demographics of Atlanta...Atlanta is a dump besides certain areas like Alpharetta.


There was a shooting in a gun store. What surprises me is the shooter managed to kill two other people before being killed by staff.
ICE is deporting a 95-year-old former concentration camp guard. Friedrich Karl Berger has been in the United States since 1959.
Sky News called Joe Biden demented.
Governor Desantis is seeking to pass a law that will prevent voter fraud.
Conveniently Covid cases are down by 77%. It is obvious nonsense that it is somehow better now. They were overreacting to hurt Trump.


A Lexington cop has been fired for sharing his fellow cops' information with BLM.
Mike Pence has declined to visit this year's CPAC. If you needed more evidence Pence does not like Trump (who is speaking this year) here it is.
Dr. Fauci has no intentions of ending the lockdown restrictions. This means the people have to put it to a stop.
The governor of Arizona who allowed the voted to be rigged will not be supporting Trump in 2024.
It has been found that no person inside the Capital on January 6 was using a gun and only 14 of the people had any kind of weapons.
The life expectancy in the US in 2020 has dropped by a full year. The lockdowns caused this.


The Supreme Court is allowing Trump's tax records to be accessed. It remains to be seen if the general public will have access to it.
The Supreme Court has also refused to look at the 2020 Pennsylvania election cases. Kavanaugh and Barrett were the traitors in this case. This is to be expected from a George W Bush circuit judge and someone who cried over George Floyd.
Mike Lindell is being sued by Dominion Voting.



Black women feel left out of the #MeToo movement. In order to get attention and sympathy, a new initiative called "We, as ourselves".
Louisana senator Bill Cassidy does not care his own constituents are mad at him.
Federal judge Drew Tipton has b& Biden's 100-day deportation moratorium. This isn't the end but it is nice to hear.
Biden is undoing Trump'soperation talon' which deports illegal immigrants who were sex offenders.
Nearly 16% of 18-23-year-olds are degenerates. This is exactly what the powers at be want.
An Oklahoma cannibal cooks one of his victim's heartshttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9294833/Oklahoma-triple-murder-suspect-cut-neighbors-heart-COOKED-it.html before murdering his own family.


Biden said NIGGER 13 times during a 1985 senate hearing.
President Biden said NIGGERED while reading speech to a security conference


A gardener in Arizona finds a duffle bag of rusted guns while digging a hole.
After being a total imbecile who could not come up with a good reason for stopping the vote to reopen the schools, the vice president of the La Mesa school board claims that the other board members are racist.
Texas is thinking about removing COVID restrictions. The only issue is that governor Abbott sounds gung ho about the vaccine.
Israel is adopting a law allowing the police to share (with other departments) the identities of people who have not been vaccinated.
A cat and its owner reunite after 15 years.
The Biden administration is doing airstrikes in Syria.


Thank goodness i am an imageboard anon and not one of those twitter faggots. (It' like watching the world burn whilst eating popcorn and being comfy) Twitter adds a 'Super follow" feature which allows you to have others to pay to have access to your tweets, and other content. https://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-twitter-super-follow-analyst-day-subscriptions-2021-2?op=1
>A cat and its owner reunite after 15 years.
This is good news for once.

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