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It seems the normalfags are starting to catch on to what a cancer faceberg and social media are on humanity.

The TL;DR of the article is that they are designed to algorithmically give people content that they want and agree with, instead of the "truth." Qshit is the example they give (given that the Atlantic is a shitlib rag). This however isn't a false understanding of the situation. The tranny/genders meme is spreading through society by the exact same means. Being, shitlibs, they won't tell you that. Also, if they ever do get around to banning or regulating faceberg and social media, I guarantee that they won't ban tranny bullshit along with the Qshit.

ITT: Discuss the political implications of impending social media regulation. What does the future of the internet hold?


Google and it's products like twitter use that same algorithm
Like, if you look up climate change in a red state, it'll autofill as "is a hoax" and if your in a blue state, "is causing the animals to die" or something of that sort. It's causing more people to become extremists and the people in silicon vally who do know google is gay are saying that there will be civil war by 2040. (which in some third world countries, actually happened because of facebook) Normalfag memes already are either blatant propaganda, or marketing tools. Personally i think people will try to make third party sites to replace google,facebook and such but it wont become popular. I dont know if they can really stop or regulate something like that since too many people use it and it's way too addictive. Much like how people still use 4chan.

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