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I'm not so sure. I don't care what you think about him, or if you think he should/shouldn't win. I want to know, what are the chances that he will?


If Biden is really who he's up against he'll win for sure. Part of me wants to see him reelected in the hopes he'll follow through on some old promises. The other half doesn't care, he's as crooked as the rest. Still better than any dem tho.


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I think he’ll probably win, his approve ratings have just tied with his disapproval ratings from what I hear. Plus he has enthusiasm unlike Biden. And if Biden shows up to the debates Trump pretty much has the election in the bag


If it's in the script that he'll win, he'll win. If it's in the script for him to lose, he'll lose. I don't know why people think elections are still legitimate.


There's a reason why the main democrat candidate (ol' Joey Byeden) is such an incompetent fool, and also there's a reason why Sanders pretty much rolled over and gave up to him. Trump has got this election in the bag.


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People won't even entertain the idea that the elections are a sham except during a period of exactly four years after their asshole-of-choice loses.


I'm sorry, but have you seen the polls? Trump is getting DESTROYED, even in RED states.
>b-but polls are fake like 2016
Well first off, 2016 polls were WAY closer than they are now.
secondly, even IF you ignore polls completely, and just leave it to anecdotal evidence, you can see there's just no energy this year like there was in 2016. That was his biggest strength, the enthusiasm of his supporters, the idea that he was the fresh new face to save the country. Now, all of that is just GONE. Everyone is abandoning Trump.
yes, things can change, but with only 100 days left, It's highly unlikely. Most voters have already made up their minds, and when you can barely crack 40%, there just aren't enough voters to make up the deficit.
Trump is FUCKED
>muh script
don't be a schizo


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Alright, I'll step away from what I said earlier and go with what you are saying. Here I've posted the results of the 2016 polls and the polls for today. You know very well who won in 2016, so these sorts of polls aren't the definitive answer of who is going to win in the current election.
Biden is an absolute moron, he should be sitting at his home and watching 80s sitcom reruns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-A4VrEUyyI
Sauce for the stuff in pic: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-general/


These are national polls, which Hillary did win.
Look at state polls. Hillary was up, but still within margin of error, not double digits


The election is obviously scripted, there's nothing "schizo" about believing that (see the terms served by every post-cold-war president in the US) but I honestly can see Trump being mock-assassinated either before or after the election similar to what happened to JFK or Lincoln, to paint him as a hero.


Another thing is how split the left wing is on this, many young people of the left want to see Sanders get elected, Biden is not their choice, but that's obviously not gonna happen. They could vote Biden just to spite Trump, but who knows to what extent is that realistically going to happen.


I feel like the election will be close. At the current moment, Joe Biden is mostly at home and in the shadows and that does a ton of favors for Biden. It helps Biden because he is a bumbling idiot who can't even read the teleprompter properly. Staying at home instead of a campaign under the guise of "keeping people safe from the Corona Virus" puts more attention to Trump because Trump is doing his duties as a POTUS. Censorship is on the rise for Right-wingers and the media is not getting less vicious. Knowing that I would like Trump to be more like he was in 2015/2016 more vicious. I am not sure if this is allowed but Trump should show footage of the riots and show quotes from Biden and other Democrats about the riots. Riot footage is more visceral and concerning to the general public who aren't shills for the left. Trump could also post all the stupid things Biden said in the debates.


I have seen some pro-trump ads showing riot footage crossed with an empty police office and saying "this is what Biden wants."


That's pretty cool, but are they actually sponsored by Trump or was it someone outside of his campaign team?


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There's only one thing that Biden wants.


It is sponsored by Trump. I see two main criticisms of this, first is that the riots are happening under Trump's presidency. The ad would bear more weight if Trump had cracked down harder on the riots.
Second criticism is that Biden's platform has not stated that it wants to outright defund the police force. However, the ad states that it is what his supporters want which is certainly true.


He looks like Bukowski in this nural


he probably wont


Hopefully the United States will collapse before the election.


I have a feeling Biden will bend the knee to this crowd if he has not already. Biden wants a (((female of color))) Vice President so he will most likely target that crowd. My main criticism of Trump is that he does not act on his instinct as much as he did in 2015/2016. He listens to people such as (((Kushner))) who doesn't represent the ideas he ran on and has been more mellow ever since. I have a feeling if he did what he did when he was a candidate he would gain more support outside the GOP. I am probably underestimating his support but I do know he can improve.
There is a chance actually of that occurring. In a “war gaming” exercise a Democrat think tank there was a scenario brought up that speculated that Biden would not concede because of (((voter suppression))). In another exercise, Biden convinces Leftist governors in Michigan and Wisconsin to send supporters to the electoral college to vote Biden even if Trump won the state. There will be chaos if either of those scenarios happened the West Coast at least would riot or even succeed and civil unrest would most likely be in every city.


>There is a chance actually of that occurring. In a “war gaming” exercise a Democrat think tank there was a scenario brought up that speculated that Biden would not concede because of (((voter suppression))). In another exercise, Biden convinces Leftist governors in Michigan and Wisconsin to send supporters to the electoral college to vote Biden even if Trump won the state. There will be chaos if either of those scenarios happened the West Coast at least would riot or even succeed and civil unrest would most likely be in every city.

I wanted to read the article you linked and check the guy's sources but it won't let me read the article without paying for a subscription. The reason it tilted my bullshit detector is that newspapers push this hypothetical scenario every election. Before Obama's second term, papers were claiming that Texas and South Carolina would secede if he won. Another thing they do is have celebrities threaten to move to Canada if their guy doesn't win.

I honestly think the "voter suppression" meme is being pushed to make people angrier when Trump does win. I believe he is set to win and they want as much outrage to result from that as they can possibly create.
After the previous election, their "Russia conspiracy theory" worked really well to get huge numbers of people involved in the shitflinging matches on Twitter and Reddit (which gains them ad revenue, don't forget). Not only that, but it also brought up ratings for CNN as many people were tuning in daily to catch that moment when they finally nail Trump and arrest him. It was like one of those "Finding Bigfoot" series where they continually make their audience believe that the next episode will be the big one.
The mistake they made was they they scrambled to put their narrative together last minute and frequently needed to change details, which lost a lot of people and the whole controversy teetered out before 2020.
This time, it seems they've planned well ahead and their "rigged election" narrative will be perfected by the time Trump wins, so there will be no easy ways to poke holes in the theories the media invents and they can keep people tuning in for the "smoking gun" for the next four years.


Strange the article did not ask me to pay for the article. I left out a key detail, John Podesta played Biden in the war game. This is concerning to me because Podesta is a prominent Democrat and Democrats are in control of the culture. People bought into "Russia conspiracy theory" because being Liberal is the mainstream and is the zeitgeist. It seems to me that people will go along with what the Left says no matter how crazy it is. Did the Republicans in 2012 have as much power as the Democrats do now? The Democrats are doing unthinkable things now with impunity so it is concerning to me.


Democrats don't control the culture. They obey the people who control the culture. 2012 had a lot in common with 2020, only reversed. The Republican candidate was Romney: a joke. He had a lot in common with Biden in regards to the ways the media portrayed him.
2008 also mirrored 2016, only reversed. McCain was the seasoned senator, going up against the up-and-comer Obama who was preaching drastic change at grassroots-style rallies. The race was frequently described by the press as "the most close and brutal in history." Bad campaign strategy and poor choice of VP was the ultimate explanation for McCain's failure and half the country threatened to let Canada invade while accusing Obama of cheating.


While I'm at it, 2000 and 2004 also followed this pattern. With the ballot scandal in Florida that was thrown at Bush for four years and then with being put up against John Kerry: a joke with no presence behind the podium who was guaranteed to lose by a landslide.


I am not sure you understand what I mean when I say that Liberals control the culture. I am not referring to elections I am referring to institutions such as technology and universities. 8chan, for example, would still be here if Leftists did not target the site. Jaden Mcneil (a college student) would not be labeled as a racist for a simple joke. Again I am not sure what you to trying to say.


I was under the impression that you believe the two political parties in America are truly at odds.


He’s winning in a land slide, the MSM has more faith in Clinton last year and how’d that turn out


States like Michigan and Pennsylvania I recall were very close what makes you think he will do better? Biden is a terrible candidate but it is very concerning when there is a chance there will not be a debate or in other words a chance for a Trump to expose how demented Biden is live in front of millions.


If Biden actually debates Trump live then that's gonna be the end of old Joey
and then there's gonna be 4 more years.


Do you think it is likely that the election is going to be rigged in Biden's favor? All the news relating to it makes me worry.


Well the media is already "nicely" biased against Trump as it's been going on since 2016, but the actual elections? Maybe. As some people have said "Thanks to mail-in ballots there will be lots of dead people and illegal immigrants voting aswell," so it can be an actual problem.


I think he stands the best chance of winning if he brings back his 2016 rhetoric.


Yeah, Trump's main issue is he spends way too much time pandering to minorities who statistically will not vote for him. In 2016 his rhetoric was more raw and less controlled. Trump needs to do this because it speaks to the average Joe more effectively.


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Trump is a cryptojew and Biden is a jew puppet. I will vote for Larry


Trump did a great job during the debate today. The 2016 rhetoric made a comeback and that was bad for Biden. Joe was emasculated and humiliated. Even with biased (((moderator))) Trump most likely won more people than Biden. I wonder what the media will say about this.


Dunno man, cats can be swayed by food. anyone can pay larry off!


We're approaching that point where every election will be between a cat and a dog and the role of moderating the Senate will go directly to the banks.


Can you elaborate? I don't know what you are trying to conclude.


i think i can trust larry because like all cats, he doesnt give a fuck. a dog is too emotional and thus can be swayed.


I'm saying each election is already a joke and eventually people will embrace that fact.


Democracy is a joke.


Yeah I know. I laugh a lot.


You're laughing at yourself, bud. The joke is on you. It's on all of us.


How well do you anons think Trump is going to do in tonight's debate?


Personally after the biden thing, i think he's gonna nail this debate


We don't know what tricks the Dems will pull but I think Trump will do a good job. For example in a recent interview, CBS's Leslie (((Stahl))) Trump kept his cool in the face someone who was trying to undermine him. Leslie was a horrible interviewer she was sneaky and even tried to cry to make Trump uncomfortable. Trump recently released this interview unedited because CBS is going to edit this to make him look bad.


I watched the MAGA rally today at Michigan on jewtube, it was pretty interesting. I liked that Trump was talking about the thing's that he's managed to get done during his presidency, unlike Biden who has nothing to show in that aspect. All of Biden's campaign is "Trump bad" without anything added. But there was quite a bit of time dedicated to talking about the "Laptop from hell" and Biden's ties to China.
Another thing was the new Trump's catchphrase:"I'm not a politician, that's why I got elected," which as far as I've seen has gotten him a boost in popularity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npvGcnpRMww
At one point he emphasized on some maybe not direct policies, but overall ideological points such as:
>ending sanctuary cities
>enforcing the right to bear arms
>ending big tech media monopoly
Overall it was very energetic and nice to listen to.
What I've said here is a pretty small part of it all, so I encourage y'all to watch the rally for yourselves.


The video I recall being well done. It showed how corrupt the Biden family is. It didn't just tell. It is amazing how people think Biden is not evil when his net worth is over 100 million in politics. Was the crowd (((diverse))) at all. Trump has done his best effort pandering to them.


I am ready.


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Did Trump win yet?


Not yet, but here is a link for you to watch the votes: https://www.cbsnews.com/election/2020/president/


The word is, no matter who wins people will riot, which is quite insane to think about. i don't recall something like that ever happening before.


It's fucking AIDs, but I suspect that the niggers will most likely try and pull something once Trump(hopefully) wins.


Nothing like that has happened before but every election, word is people will riot.


I find it much more likely that people will riot very aggressively this time now that the niggers have gone full chaos mode.


blacks are ethnonarcissist so this will most definitely happen. I recall this happening in 2016 too.


It has been revealed that the Sunrise group is conspiring to attempt a coup. Groups ranging from Extinction Rebellion to BLM are likely going to be involved as well. If you are not familiar with Sunrise, Sunrise is an environmental group that pushes for policies such as the Green New Deal. This group is most notable for rabble-rousing in political officials' offices. One quote that stands out from this is "It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,”. That shows that these people are confident that they will stop Trump. These people wouldn't be a threat by themselves but as we've seen in May riots the media, social media, judges, federal officials, elites, etc running cover for them. It is important to note that this call contained bureaucrats and lawyers so these aren't just randos these people have some power and connections. I am concerned about this. What do you anons think?
Here are some additional resources regarding this.


What are you on about? BLM isn't a group. It's a marketing craze. Shutdowndc.org looks like a ploy to take money from pretentious college kids before it disappears off the face of the earth after the election.


I am concerned the left will try to pull shady things. I think we need to vigilant about what the left is doing. If BLM isn't a group what was the summer riots?


didnt blm have ties to the CCP


It appears that is true based on a quick google search. This is according to Heritage Institue and idk what their bias is.


Sketchy stuff is going on in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and even Florida. Florida hasn't been called when it seems like Trump is winning. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan are understaffed, which is dubious.


an example of the potential of astroturfing



Did he win yet?


Inb4 (((they))) declare that Biden is the victor in Nevada in about a hour or two. Here is a soundtrack to this.


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This will definitely be Bush V Gore part two.


Probably more crazier than that. Bush V Gore was basically just about the votes in a single state, Florida. This is something on a much bigger scale. Both APnews and Fox attributed Arizona to Biden, but according to GOP they are getting more votes for Trump there still.
Along with all the vote fraud in many states.


Yeah, this is unprecedented. APnews and Fox I had suspicion was biased. It is disgusting! Not sure what source to trust these days.


what madness, seems like the whole internet is ablaze


Shills are running rampant. I am glad it isn't affecting us much, if any.


i wonder how long this will take, probably a week or longer.



Here are some of the Republicans who are betraying Trump as of yesterday. Betrayal is always intentional, in my opinion.


Did he win yet?


gotta wait untill november 15th, thats when the other states are legally required to count the votes and decide who's actually president.


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Winning is not part of the Trump vocabulary. He relies on losing to survive.


Uh, the natzi's where socialists? Nice b8 friend.


The confederacy was full of kikes. Derp


fck nzs


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Well, it turned out he lost for good this election. Here's an oc spurdo comic I made in honor of Wednesday's events.


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he he



Remember anons, if you ever see a floating "Burn" text NEVER bite it


I'm honestly confused about two things, first off, did he win or not? second off, there's conflicting news that trump is either getting votes for impeachment, or he is already impeached. I'll have to check whats being said on television or something. The reasoning for this, is “incitement of insurrection,” saying he is guilty of “inciting violence against the government of the United States.”


I think it has something to do with the Templars' gold.

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