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Croesus to King Cyrus on how to deal with the rebellious Lydians:

>You could prevent them from being rebellious or a threat to you in the future by ordering the following steps: prohibit them from possessing weapons of war, order them to wear tunics under their cloaks and soft boots, instruct them to play the lyre and the harp, and tell them to educate their sons to be shopkeepers. If you do this, sire, you will soon see that they will become women instead of men and thus will then pose no danger or threat to you of any future rebellion."

This stood out to me in my recent read-through of Herodotus because of how on-the-nose it is compared with tactics of modern globalists. I knew this means of subjugation was as old as time, but it's strange to see it spelled out in such plain language.

Now I am interested in seeing more examples like this. I'm not looking for theories or even examples of this tactic in action. I want to see writers and (especially) political leaders describing this tactic deliberately enough that it can be paralleled with modern feminization tactics going on now. It could be useful to construct a timeline or essay of feminizing the men of a population and of the consequences, which I'm sure are always pacification and a crack-down on liberties.

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