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EmpLemon is a youtube channel with mostly narrative or rant type of videos, and I believe his takes on politics (despite it being far from the main focus of the channel) are amongst the most sane I've heard in a while. I really liked this video in particular:
It starts off as a critique of jimmy kimmel, but then delves into how much the left is over-obsessed with donald trump and how it's loosing touch with real issues which plague america and instead invents new bullshitty ones (like "check your privilege"), and how politics are becoming more polarized and extreme
And he isn't necessarily a conservative guy (he doesn't directly declare his position, rather shows the flaws of the modern left and shares general views) just a relatively sane human being imo
I consider myself leftist, at least to some extent, and not in the sense of modern american leftism. And I really enjoyed this video


Here's a few other of his political vids
One on buzzfeed "check your privelege" stuff:
And one on his thoughts on how trump won the elections (without showing support or bashing him, simply an analysis of what happened)
I guess most of these ideas aren't necessarily new, but it comforts me to find someone who I can understand and agree (or disagree) with without having a feeling that there are some fucked up or ambiguous ideas behind it


Fuck off lemon.


What? why?


Emplemon lost a debate about if plebbit is a good site (he was on the con side) and apologized.


>I will never apologize to reddit
>But I will apologize to all of my supporters. I'm sorry I let you down. I'm not as good at debating as I think
He apologizes for not arguing well enough, not for criticizing reddit
I honestly don't care enough to listen to those 50 minute podcasts

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