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Are you guys ready for the financial crash?



Your fortune: Average Luck


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I know it will happen in the near future, but how can I make myself ready for that?
Collect and store corn and rice in garage?


Food storage is always a good idea, desu.


>end of the year
>markets still haven't crashed
Good job OP


Whats even happening


What are you wearing for the stock market crash?
What are you going to do when it happens?
I dont need clothing to wear me down
Im going to be naked, and i will cover myself with vaseline.
Althouth i will wear my combat boots.
Best thing for me to carry is my bible and my trusty swiss army knife
I will need a plague doctor mask to protect myself from fumes, and i need to get a baseball cap that says "i like cock" to keep the sun out of my eyes.
I bought a truckfull of mountan dew, and soylent so i should be fine.
Pretty much ready unlike you faggots.

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