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ITT: Tell us how much PC culture has worsened your country
For me, I am from a muslim country so I don't get to experience western PC culture other than seeing it


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I'm Canadian, I think many of you know about my country's PC culture.

Pic related, our prime-minister.


In America it has cucked both parties to the point that it is extremely hard to dismantle feminist laws without being a super contentious debate.


Eastern Europe here.
Almost nothing.
Last year i saw 4 fat sjws with rainbow-colored bags with "celebrate diversity" bags, and last week i saw one nigger.
We had a 100 muslim refugees come here a while back and now only 4 remain.
While Eastern Europe is an economical shithole, traditional values still hold up


>last week I saw one nigger
Holy shit, you can go that long between sightings? Kinda mind blowing.
t. American


That nigger and the sjws were in the capital city. I havent seen any sjws or niggers or chinks in my home town for at least 15 years.


Mongoloid here.
Everything is about /pol/ related nowadays.


I'm in a place already stuck in another place that we don't even wanna be in. Dixie. Our southern identity and our southern culture are being snuffed out by the damn Yankees in Washington. Free Dixie! Deo Vindice!!!! I also tried to do a poem about white identity, and they wouldn't let me cause some lil bitches feelings might get hurt. well in the words of suicidal tendencies "I'm sorry if I offended you but maybe you need to be offended." I found out about their anti-white narrative and they don't like it. damn Yankees.

not even kidding on god fuck Yankees fuck commies fuck nazis and fuck niggers


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Brit here. Today I watched a BBC Three video ('Queer Britian') on LGBTQIAAPP+ and learned how trannies masturbate. My teacher is a feminist that shows us Buzzfeed/Guardian articles in class - she also gives girls higher grades. My college is yet to implement gender-neutral toilets but 50% of students are Muslim.

It's fucking awful, OP.


Forgot to mention that yes, we were shown the video in lesson.


>disliking National Socialism
Remain a weak slave forever and never improve anything, you fucking cuck. You are over 9000% doomed by your ignorance. I'll bet you are a christcuck too.



National socialism has some flaws though.
Big bankers still exist with this ideology except that they are not jews.
Fascism with its ideas of nationalizing large corporations is more appealing to me.


you're probably one of them you damn blue yankee traitor. Either that or some eurofag. Nazis are fuckin shit because they give power to one person and one state as opposed to giving power to the people, such as the defender of our honor Jefferson Davis once did.


>power to the people
Lmao, even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were against democracy.
Socrates thesis was that "a 100 idiots put together won't make a smart idea, they are still idiots."
Plato said:"if we need someone to build a boat, we get professional boat-builders, if we need someone to make a house, we get professional carpenters, but when it's about government- any moron can join in."
And Aristotle was criticizing equality more than democracy, true, but he made a theory on a completely new political system, opposed to democracy.
>american elections give power to the people
wew, your power over there is just choosing one of 2 main jewish puppets and that's it. And Trump right now is making all the decisions. Did you vote to bomb Syria? Did you vote to give Israel more money? I don't really see you having any power.
Modern democracy is complete bullshit, all regimes have called themselves democratic, the USSR did, Nazi Germany did and modern Europe and USA do the same thing.


i dont fuck with american yankee politics after what they did to us in 1860, so to hell with both of the parties. I am a man for an INDEPENDENT south. Run by the southron peoples, for the southron peoples.


Do you live in bradford?
I'mm 99% shure you do.


American here. I'm sure this is seen pretty much everywhere that's been infected with the PC plague, but there's this whole attitude I can't stand that goes something like "it's your responsibility to put up with my shortcomings, not mine to overcome them."


Their mentality is extremely greedy and shows these people want to become a protected class. They want it by any means and it is sickening.


>I don't get to experience western PC culture other than seeing it
It is hard to fathom how bad it is without personally experiencing it. In America, the left pushes an agenda, and you're not allowed to disagree with it. If they deem you guilty of wrongthink, you will be blacklisted as a fascist or a bigot. They try to censor opposing points of view and some of them even support violence against you for it.


Also American here, it's sickening to see the state of things compared to how they were just 20 years ago. Even a decade ago I could still tolerate things somewhat. I can't even handle the state of American society today. I just honestly want to move elsewhere and let this place go. Live out the rest of my life in a quiet part of the world.


Well whats somewhat sad is the big thing 20 years ago was gay marriage, it was still banned and no state was going to budge on it. So in a span of just 20 years we got gay marriage and a flood of everything. Amazing how just 2 decades can ruin everything


Even a decade ago I never saw it becoming THIS bad. From what I hear, the PC culture is even worse in a lot of other places so I wouldn't even know where else you could go.
The problem is that the left didn't stop at gay marriage, even though they easily could have. Now they're pushing stuff like 300 genders, accepting pedophilia, etc. It's never enough for them.


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Pc culture absolutely killed media. >Newer books? >Trash. >90% of new tv shows? >Trash. >don't even talk to me about the supergirl tv show. >New batwoman tv show? >Watch the commercial, its garbage. >Can't even listen to most modern music. >90% of modern movies are left wing propaganda. >avengers end game. >cant even read modern comic books anymore for both marvel and dc. > >kill off everyone's favorite superhero's and replace them with gay black jewish female muslim transgendered crippled copys of the former heros. For more info for whats going on in the world of comic books, look up "Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack" "professor geek" and "comicbook pro secrets" on youtube. For more info on what the hell is going on with the world look up "Mr metokur" and "mr obvious" on youtube. Have fun, i guess. Its the best, non biased way to learn about this stuff so far.


Black female James bond
such stronk wymin don't need to invent new characters when they can ruin their men's favorites


This is some really fucken weird type of formatting anon


>>210 OP here, Why, you ask? Because a u t i s m


>>148 we have to find a way to combat pc culture.

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