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Redheads are half niggers, the average Oyrish looks like this.
t. the autist formerly known as Varg Vikernes
P.S. don't look up pictures of my father since they don't at all look like pic related and there's nothing suspicious about my ancestry whatsoever.


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I haven't heard about varg ever since jewtube got his channel removed


It seems that Louis Kosher always claims the average "x-ethnic group" looks either Nordic or Semitic/Armenoid depending on what he wants to push: when it suits him, he will literally show images of blond Turks claiming them as brethren (often used a lot against Varg by detractors) yet now he's saying that the average Irishman is swarthy.
His wife, whom I believe is suspicious and may have subverted his philosophical thinking (which used to make far more sense) apparently also dyed her hair, her ancestry, perhaps on the maternal line may be suspicious as well.


Serious question, what are the odds Vikernes has at least some Jewish ancestry?


He's 90% likely to be purely Scandinavian (and surrounding ethnicities), I say he's 10% likely to be part-jewish because of both his "Armenoid" facial features (which, for Varg, aren't really exclusive to jews, jews have some more nuanced features that differentiate them from even gentile Semites) as well as a small anomaly in his genealogy.
Varg's father emphasises that on his fathers' side he descended from mostly peasants, fishermen, and restaurant owners from both Bergen and Eastern Norway. Since Bergen once held a considerably large amount of Ashkenazi jews, both in the early 19th and 20th centuries, there's a really small possibility he has some jewish ancestry.


Varg owes his fame to having killed a guy more famous than him. He's like Mark David Chapman, but with the sympathy of edgelords.


>he descended from mostly peasants, fishermen, and restaurant owners
So he's a shitholer with delusions of grandeur lol

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