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Has anyone noticed how while many faux-nationalist groups, both contemporary and historical (including the NSDAP itself with the Haavara agreement despite statements to the contrary in Mein Kampf, as well as Mussolini being a fervent Zionist) advocate the jews to all go back to Israel so they wouldn't have to deal with them in Europe, whereas Arab "anti-Zionists" all happen to consider the jews only invaders in the middle east, and only want to deport them to Europe (despite the fact that they're racially distinct from both Europeans and other Semites)?
Not enough people talk about the Esau gambit, and even less people really choose to extend it to known false dialectics like national socialism and fascism, let alone zionism. This idea of jewish thesis (Zionism) vs. jewish "antithesis" (international jewry) is forced so much and opposed in such a clown-like manner (by national-socialists or other shills pretending to be white nationalists, as well as false "truthers" like Miles Mathis and the lot) that it effectively functions as a jewish ouroboros. If you're an intellectual and don't want to be chased by the organised jewish mafia, you either have to be a gerrymander for Zionism or you have to be a gerrymander for international jewry. However, I don't believe this is an attempt to keep up the current left-right dialectic (since it already has been run to the ground), it's an attempt to divide anti-Zionists from Europe and the Arab world for making a difference, by crippling opposition to both racial jewry as a whole and of Zionism.
They'll push Putin as some "saviour of Syria" despite the fact that not only is he in cahoots with Netanyahu, but also with a massive jewish oligarchy in Russia itself. Assad will never actually attack Israel despite the fact that it's right across the border and holds Syrian land (which is a point of discussion in-itself, Assad's father was likely put in charge of Syria by Israeli spooks as a double-agent, so that they could "win" the 6-days-war). A similar situation in the Levant to that of the west is among the Lebanese Maronites, who supposedly admire fascism (the name of their party "Kataeb" literally means "Phalange"), and are extremely servile to Israel, even helping them occupy southern Lebanon before they were stabbed in the back.
An even more nonsensical situation is Libya, divided between the UN-recognised government, the "Government of National Accords", and the Haftar clique. Apparently Turkey supports the GNA, Russia and the UAE support the Haftar clique (Haftar was actually initially trained in the USSR itself), and Israel has been alleged to support both, which basically puts Haftar in an Assad-situation of sorts.
Meanwhile in Europe, African migrants are coming to Italy through Libya en masse and are all said to have support from Soros-funded NGOs or other low-tier boogeymen. Since Israel "opposes" Soros (they really don't), all these civic-nationalist, pro-LGBT and "anti-Islam" parties are amping up their Zionist rhetoric tenfold, acting in a similar position to the Maronites before them though typically far more "anti-fascist" and accepting of homosexualisation and negrification, and even as you go deeper there are "neo-fascists" that despite formally being opposed to Zionism, are negrified and exhibit pro-homosexual attitudes (CasaPound), have links to Putin (Dritte Weg and CasaPound by extension of their links to Syria, as well as the "NRM" in Sweden, said to formally receive training from the RF) or have links to fake agency-instigated-terrorist "attacks" (the "assassination" of Walter Lubcke by Stephan Ernst, tied to C18, a British "terrorist" group itself tied to the Dritte Weg, a German "neo-fascist party" that itself supposedly has ties to the Assad regime in Syria)
Overall, the entire geopolitical situation in the middle-east and Europe is strangled in a jewish ouroboros of sorts. Nearly every single portal leads to some sort of Zionist-agenda, and not enough people get this.


Wonder if it's another in-your-face jewish pun?
>means "parting" or "taking leave" in hebrew


Really in your face, a "general taking leave", means that he isn't really there. That would perfectly summarize a Mossad-run cesspool of a conflict.

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