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Does Donald Trump actually have dementia? Been seeing this "Dementia Don" meme increase, and I have to say that there is certainly a basis for it, not just that he's a malicious jew who gets off on selling out his supporters, low IQ as they may be, but that he may literally be suffering from mental afflictions that come with age and drug abuse.

Ronald Reagan (who looked like a jew) was known to have Alzheimer's by his second term, and George W. Bush goes without explanation. Bill Clinton has been seen in recent years with a reddish nose, possibly indicating cocaine usage (which was also a rumor during his presidency).

So two candidates in 2020, both alleged to have mental afflictions. I wonder if it's actually a covert sign that the jews are ready to dump America and let it 'dry up and blow away' as Netanyahu put it.


U.S. presidents are relatively low-ranking masons who get subjected to mutilation and poisoning in exchange for the privilege of being a figurehead.


>I wonder if it's actually a covert sign that the jews are ready to dump America and let it 'dry up and blow away' as Netanyahu put it.
Isn't that a given? Not only has it already been dragged into wars in six Muslim countries just after the cold war (Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Syria, Libya, support for a war in Yemen and recently threats over a war with Iran) but now China's being pushed as a superpower, what with all of its Zionist-sympathy and literal Marxist roots.
I've talked about a planned fake assassination or bombing of some federal property for Trump during his last days or perhaps first days of his 2nd term if he "wins" the election to generate more chaos and lead to a complete US collapse, though I've been skeptical of that idea myself seeing as it's a lot harder to fake his death than it was to fake JFK or even 9/11 before (unless most people are dumb enough to buy it). However, on a potential attack on D.C. itself: is this a possibility, or is it just misdirection?


Have you heard the rumor that they're literally castrated?
>Isn't that a given?
But I mean this time the dumping is much sooner than anticipated, almost around the corner. People predicted the US would collapse or be reduced to Brazilian irrelevancy by the 2040s, but it looks like that fate could happen this decade.


More-so on the fact that the jews actively being in on its complete destruction as a superpower; many predictions of a soon-to-be US collapse would've alleged that nothing would be able to fill in the vacuum because of its 20 trillion-dollar GDP, but now China is clearly being propped up as the "next superpower", which the USA literally owes a trillion to. After this COVID-19 psy-op has reached its prime, there might be a faux-nationalist reaction against China planted in the USA after the USA is completely sterilised, just to cause further damage to it.


As for this "Dementia Don" meme in particular, Trump having dementia and puppeted around was already a rumour years ago, so I'm surprised this has only recently become so popular. Logically, Trump's entire life and profession, along with his dysgenic quadroon-jewish heritage really doesn't add up to being healthy, physically or mentally at the age of 73.


>Have you heard the rumor that they're literally castrated?
Yes. But I would think their voice would change in pitch.

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