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8values thread
>inb4 datamining


datamining thread do not reply


ok i wont reply to this. imagine even taking a quiz to find out what u value rather than just observing yourself.


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Not everything that is new is good, but this is far from a fair reason to refuse to change. Culture must go on, the way it always has
For example I believe there is a lot of room for improvement in most countries' education systems


Doesn't change the fact that the term "progressive" has become co-opted code for "authoritarian."


Oh, sorry I'm not very familiar with that sort of stuff


Now you are.


I can't really agree with this one. "Progress" these days is used all over the place by leftists, pseudo-commies and jews who push towards that certain type of (((progress))). Authoritarianism is not a bad form of governing. Look at the results of the lack of a proper authority in Seattle.

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